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What are the precautions for personal business loans?

Time: 2018-08-24         Source: Zhongrong Hong Kong Gold Service         Author: Hong Kong gold in the financial service

What is a personal business loan? It refers to loans issued by banks or lending institutions to natural persons for legal production and operation activities. Compared to personal consumer loans, the biggest difference is that they are used differently, one for consumption and one for business.

So, what do you need to pay attention to when you seem to be an unpopular personal business loan?

The loan amount is high, and it is necessary to do something when applying for a loan.

The amount of personal business loans is very high, up to 10 million yuan, and some commercial banks and lending institutions even mention 30 million yuan, which is tens of thousands and 100,000 yuan compared to consumer loans.

However, the borrower needs to be aware that the higher the amount, the more proof you need to produce. If you want to get a high loan, you may have to provide collateral or various guarantees.

But even if you can get a high loan, Dapeng still recommends that you do your best. Before you apply for a loan, do a good job of evaluation. For what reason do you need a loan? How much money does it take to solve this problem? What is the personal repayment ability? The more solid your homework is, the more you can use the loan.

The repayment period is highly differentiated and it is best to scientifically evaluate

In general, personal business loans have a long repayment period of up to 10 years, while consumer loans are relatively short. However, different banks have different rules for repayment time, from 5 to 10 years, and even 2-3 years.

The borrower needs to make an assessment based on his actual business situation and ability to repay the loan: the loan repayment period is too long, and the interest to be paid is greater; while the repayment period is too short, and the individual repayment pressure is high, there will be a loan that cannot be repaid. risk.

There are provisions for the use of loans, and it is forbidden to operate illegally.

Personal business loans have strict regulations on the use of loans. Borrowers can only be used to update operating equipment, pay rental space, and use for legal business activities such as shop decoration. After obtaining the loan, the borrower also needs to keep various invoices and current documents as the basis for post-loan management.

Once the borrower thinks carefully and gets the operating loan to do the non-business activities such as gambling and stock trading, the financial institution will not only immediately lend the loan, recover the previously issued loan, but also charge the borrower a high liquidated damages. .

Real case

Years ago, the owner of the cotton dealer songs, who had done business for more than ten years, saw that the non-woven fabrics had good benefits, and they were ready to expand the factory to operate non-woven fabrics. The expansion of the new plant requires investment. Qu Bo has mortgaged his fixed assets and loaned 6 million operating loans to the bank. Less than two years later, the goods were unsalable, the return was bad, and the song boss ran.

Zhongrong Port Gold Service reminds: Scientific use of business loans can make enterprises turn to safety and become small, but they have not made any assessment beforehand. Blindly applying for operating loans will also bring risks to themselves and enterprises. When applying for a personal business loan, it is important to do what you can.

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