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How to lend a personal unsecured loan

Time: 2018-08-24         Source: One Point - Qian Yun         Author: Qian

The amount of personal unsecured loans is generally less than 500,000 yuan, which is a kind of loan that does not require high-value collateral and personnel guarantee. So how do you lend a personal unsecured loan? Xiaoyun of Qianyun tells you.

There are two methods for personal unsecured credit loan loans.

The first is to apply directly to the bank and then submit different information to the bank depending on the specific product you choose.

1. Under normal circumstances, the bank's applicant for an unsecured credit loan is a Chinese natural person with full civil capacity between the ages of 22 and 55.

2. If you choose an unsecured credit loan of the monthly loan type, you need to have a room in Beijing (locally) or in the field, have a mortgage or a car loan, and the credit is good. At the same time provide my ID card, room book or purchase contract.

3. If you choose an unsecured loan of salary type, you need to have stable income in Beijing (your local area), pay card, have a provident fund or social security, and a credit report, and provide ID card, income certificate, social security fund. prove.

4. If you choose a credit loan of the policy type, you need to be the policyholder of this policy, and the payment is full for half a year, the credit is good. An ID card and a commercial policy are required.

The second is that the borrower is usually busy, needs a lot of money or because of other reasons such as credit reporting, he is not able to pass the bank to apply for an unsecured loan, or can not meet his own needs, to come to the same formal loan company as Qian Yun. Apply for a credit loan. In order to increase the success rate and meet your own capital turnover needs.

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