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No fear of fake! Here is a guide to identify the true standard (car loan)

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The platform has a detailed description of the borrower's information in addition to the necessary desensitization, and it is as detailed as possible in the disclosure of vehicle information.

During the industry reshuffle period, both practitioners and investors are heart-wrenching.

Similar to the "How about XXX platform? XXX can get off? XXX security is not?", the message constantly appears in the message.

This makes the uneasiness of everyone and the decline in confidence in P2P.

Because the changes in the industry are too fast, and some changes, even if they have not had time to react, have already exploded.

Therefore, when investigating a platform, the team of investment experts must be cautious and cautious.

However, it is better to teach fish than to fish.

Investment is always an individual behavior. I am responsible for my own capital. If I ask more, I am not as capable as I can identify the reality of the platform.

Now, the mainstream assets are mainly car loans, personal credit loans, and corporate loans.

Regarding car loans, the previous troubles did not mean that the car loan was dead.

With the investment, I specifically explained the current situation of car loans for everyone. "Is there a future in the car loan industry?" "Yes!" is interested to take a look.

Well, today, with the investment of the king, take the car loan as an example, telling you some things that need attention in the inspection.


The importance of the asset side

What is the nature of P2P? It is an Internet lending platform.

Private offline lending has always existed, and the most representative of them is the usury that we said.

Since it is a lending platform, there are naturally borrowers and lenders.

As a lending platform with Internet as the carrier, P2P is different from offline lending. The source and types of borrowers are more diversified. Therefore, it is more appropriate to refer to the place where the money is eventually borrowed.

Since the asset end is essentially the borrower, a high-quality, real-life asset can reduce the bad debt rate of the platform and overdue.

At the same time, a stable, high-quality asset can also make the platform's capital inflows stable, and also stabilize the platform's operating conditions and profitability.

On the contrary, the inferior asset side or even the false asset end will only cause the platform to fall into the abyss of eternal loss, especially in the special period when the industry is in the stage of self-purification.

It can be said that the asset side determines the lower limit of the platform. Even if there is a case, the platform has to be liquidated. As long as the asset is real and there is a real borrower, the investor will not receive the principal. loss.

A liquidation like Lima Financial is a true benign liquidation.

So how should investors identify a real asset side?


How to check the mark

The standard of each platform is actually the information of the borrower, which is what we call the standard. Then, when you bid, how should you identify it? Is the target true?

Take car loan as an example

The micro-loan network belongs to the head platform in the car loan platform. It was also reported that it was ready to go public. Of course, this is just a gossip. If it is not verified, what is their target information?

From the list of targets, we can see:

The platform has a detailed description of the borrower's information in addition to the necessary desensitization, and it is as detailed as possible in the disclosure of vehicle information.

Similarly, in the audit data column, although we did not see detailed photo disclosure, from the comprehensiveness of the disclosed information, the loan has certain authenticity both from the borrower and the borrowed vehicle.

It would be great if you could add photos in the future, but maybe each platform has business considerations, so we don't have to worry too much about this problem.

Next, let's talk about another car loan platform with real photos, which is the totem loan that was once in the forefront.

The platform has now turned over a period of high liquid debt, as if it has been slightly stabilized, and we have hinted before.

In the opinion of the monarch, the probability of the assets of the totem loan is real, so how is his reality reflected?

The target of the platform also provides a more comprehensive introduction to the borrower.

In the following photo disclosure, it is clear that there is no PS trace.

It is worth noting that, in the car loan, because of the privacy of the driving license, if the platform has the disclosure of the driving license, ID card and other information in the subject information.

Then, this standard has a very high authenticity.

At the same time, a very important point in the disclosure of the picture is: the registration column of the driving license.

From this column of mortgage holders, you can see: Shenzhen Qianhai Totem Car Rental Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Branch.

This is the strong evidence of the true standard, and we should pay attention to it when checking the standard.

The platform clearly disclosed the attribution of the subject-related vehicle mortgage rights, and it was also the enthusiasm of the totem loan bosses that their platforms are true.

However, in the end, it is necessary to remind that the information disclosure on the totem loan does not mean that the totem has already passed the crisis.

In all cases, we still have to wait until the end of the platform's extension.


Judgment of the authenticity of the target

In summary, how to judge the authenticity of a target?

Photo disclosure

For vehicles like car loans, which have physical objects as assets, the platform will disclose the photos of vehicles and important documents, which is a kind of emboldened.

Whether the assets of the platform are true or not, the photos are directly released, and the facts speak louder than words.

In addition, all disclosed images are preferably originals, not copies.

2. Borrowing information

In terms of loan information disclosure, in addition to photos, we can also refer to the borrower's information and the value of the vehicle mortgage, and can also focus on the mortgage rate of the vehicle.

3. Registration column information disclosure

Most car loan platforms will choose to disclose their company's full name in the car mortgage holder column. Anyway, this is a fact. Why can't you let it go?

This is also a kind of conviction of the true standard.

The above is the investigation method of the authenticity of the subject of car loan. Have you learned it?

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