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Wechat transfer is wrong? You can do this!

Edit: Po Niu Source: Factory Director Investment Notes Date: 2018-07-18


WeChat turned the wrong money, we still have a way!

Say the strange things that have happened recently.

Shaanxi's cousin sells local products, and WeChat has added a lot of old customers. Wechat transfer is now very convenient for them. At the end of June, because there was no attention, the two netizens with the same name were refunded more than 800 yuan, and the wrong one was selected.

As a result, 800 yuan was transferred and negotiated afterwards. Because the relationship was not deep, the other party refused to return and blackened the cousin.

Come to me to complain about this matter, although I have already applied for a report for you, but there is no result.

How to report and protect your WeChat wallet?

Negotiate the retention of evidence first. Negotiation is definitely a must, maybe the other party will be back? In addition, when negotiating, it is as reasonable as possible. If you can guide the other party to tell the truth, it will be better. Even if the other party does not return, you can take screenshots and leave evidence (the payment record must be intercepted).

Search Tencent Reporting Acceptance Center - choose the corresponding report!

Improve reporting information.

Report the description as clearly as possible, and don't leave it blank. The screenshot of the chat and payment record mentioned by the manager’s chat record just mentioned is completed.

In addition, if the amount of the loss is large, the director suggests that you must go to the police station for the record, because Tencent needs to report the receipt of the return of funds.

But if the scammer gets the hand and then withdraws it and then sells it, it will basically be unable to catch up.

Also remind everyone that WeChat transfer can be set to the account time. If we set the WeChat transfer delay to the account. Before we are aware of the risks or mistakes, we can ask WeChat official to help cancel the transfer to avoid the risk of being fraudulent or mishandled.

How to set the delay to account?

1. Enter the “wallet” in WeChat.

2. Click on the three small dots in the upper right corner.

3. Click: "Payment Management".

4. Click on “Transfer to Account Time” to select the time you need to arrive. The suggestion is that it will take 2 hours to arrive, which will not appear too long, and it can also make corresponding countermeasures in time when the wrong account is transferred.

As for the situation that requires urgent transfer, the same place can be changed, but be sure to identify the other person.

Finally, although the WeChat transfer is convenient, when it involves a large amount of money transfer, it can be transferred to the bank card of the other party or to the bank card as much as possible (Alipay can also see the real-name authentication information). After all, the bank transfer needs to check the name of the other party. A layer of protection.

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