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How to distinguish small loans is not a lie?

Time: 2018-07-11         Source: Seven seconds of money         Author: seven seconds wealthy

At present, the Internet is developing rapidly. We can know the world without leaving home. We can get loans without leaving home. These are not new things, but many borrowers worry that online microfinance is not reliable. Xiao Bian will introduce you to how to judge the online microfinance relying on unreliable knowledge.

Is online microfinance reliable?

In fact, this issue is a question of selective space. In other words, if you choose a reliable online loan unit, online personal microfinance is true and reliable.

If you make a mistake in choosing a source of online lending institutions, then online microfinance is not reliable and may leave a shadow in your financing career. This is exactly what is now popular: choice is more important than hard work, as long as the choice is right, then there is nothing impossible.

At present, there are many people who post lending messages online, and some of them are illegal. Many people who are in urgent need of money have not only failed to borrow money, but have been defrauded and caused losses.

It can be seen that online loan companies are also uneven. When we conduct online microfinance, we must be careful, check and ask more. So the key question is whether to find a formal institution to avoid risks. Only when you choose a formal lending institution can you successfully apply for a loan.

At the same time, it is also important to note that there are also a few online frauds on the Internet, so the borrower must carefully observe it, preferably on a field trip or on the official website. If you are still worried, you can go to the bank to inquire about the microfinance.

For those who have successfully applied for a loan, do not pay any fees in advance between loans and loans to ensure their own funds are safe.

Ways to judge whether online microfinance is reliable or not

1. Look at the company's qualifications first.

First of all, the name of the formal microfinance company business license must contain the words "small loan", and can be verified in the province's corporate credit information publicity system. Second, formal microfinance companies “only do not have loans”. Finally, you can check the company's registered capital. If the amount is too small, less than one million, you should be careful. You only need to fill in the mobile phone in the contact phone number. It is also quite suspicious not to write a fixed phone.

2, whether to charge in advance

Regular loan companies don’t have to pay any fees when they borrow money. They pay the fees when they lend, and those who apply for loans start to use various kinds of titles such as “guarantee”, handling fees, deposits, etc. The small company you pay in advance must not believe it.

3. Is the audit too loose?

Internet finance development, credit examinations are becoming more and more accommodative, but those are too loose, the procedures are too simple, the loan interest rate is low and attractive, and more careful.

Generally speaking, advertising is done well, and only the ID card is used for lending. In fact, in the actual lending process, you will also check your personal income and credit status. If you don’t need to look at anything, you can basically conclude that it is not very reliable. Spectrum.

4. Is the loan interest rate too high?

After choosing the company and avoiding so many loan traps, when you actually submit your application, you have to look at a serious problem - the loan interest rate. Interest rates are too low to be reliable, and interest rates are too high to be usury. How to judge? The loan annual interest rate is protected within 24%, and more than 36% is illegal. If the interest rate is too high, such a small loan is not reliable.

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