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No borrowing, how did I borrow 80,000 yuan from Alipay?

Time: 2018-08-24         Source: Fish micro finance         Author: youyu fish

Someone asked last week: How to apply for a small loan on Alipay?

Someone returned: Wow, can you directly borrow on Alipay now? It's convenient!(Extended reading:The prairie is shocked by the palm print, covering the size of six football fields. Netizen: If the palm of the hand is missed?)

Yes, today, with the rapid development of technology and economy, advanced consumption has become a trend. The thriving development of online loans, let the money of tomorrow, the dream of today, is no longer a dream!

Consumption first, then repayment, it is indeed convenient for many moonlight families to meet the needs of small amounts of money, not only to stimulate domestic demand, but also bring us real convenience!

With the continuous expansion of third-party payment services, Alipay is already a mobile app that is familiar to the general public. Alipay has more than 870 million active users worldwide and has become the world's number one mobile payment service provider.

Alipay has a more anti-day function, that is, you can borrow money directly online! That is what we call online loan business.

However, many people in Alipay's loan business still don't understand.

Today, the enthusiastic Xiaobian has come back to answer questions!(Extended reading:"17-year-old girl 7,000 yuan in the black market to sell eggs", as with aid, naked loans, selling kidneys as shocking)

Question 1: Where is Alipay's loan entry?

Operation method method 1:

(1) Enter the account password and log in to the Alipay APP.

(2) Go to the homepage and click [Selenium Credit].

(3) Click on [Credit Life] below.

(4) After entering, you can see good borrowing money, ants borrowing, good loans, and four loan products.(Extended reading:Japan's top ten metamorphosis festival, daughter naked to accompany his father to take a bath)

Step 2:

(1) Enter the account password and log in to the Alipay APP.

(2) Go to the homepage and click on the top search bar to search for the loan project you want.(Extended reading:Female college students receive fraudulent text messages, so after the reply, the liar: disturbed)

Question 2: What are the Alipay loan projects?

First, the flower garden

"First consumption, post-payment" - is the main service of Alipay.

Users with sesame seeds of more than 600 points have the opportunity to apply for the opening of "Flower".(Extended reading:Joke: There are a pair of men and women, childhood friends, but they only got married when they were in their thirties.)

At present, the amount of "flowers" is between 2,500 and 30,000 yuan. Users can take it for shopping at Tmall Mall or Taobao. As long as they pay back on time, no handling fee will be charged.

Second, borrow

Borrowing is a loan service launched by Alipay, and sesame is divided into 600 points or more. It is still a whitelist invitation system.

As a heavy product of Alipay microfinance, it is unsecured, unsecured, and borrowed for a second.(Extended reading:16W a parking space is old, the owner of the car wins, netizen: the wall does not help you)

At present, the maximum amount is 300,000 yuan, the daily interest rate is 0.02-0.05%, and the longest loan period is 12 months. With the use of borrowing, it can be repaid in advance.

Third, to staging

This is an installment loan service for college students.

Alipay has a joint interest period, providing college students with sesame seeds of 600 and above with a face-to-face visa and a credit limit of 2,500 yuan. This service covers 99% of the country's colleges and universities, and users can enjoy 30 days of interest-free.

Fourth, Zhaolian·Good loan

Zhaolian·Good Period Loan is an unsecured and unsecured credit loan service launched by Zhaolian Finance. Sesame can be applied for more than 600 points.

At present, the maximum loan amount of good loan is up to 200,000 yuan, the minimum interest rate is 0.029%, the loan term is divided into 3, 6 and 12 months, interest is calculated on a monthly basis, the repayment period is calculated on a daily basis, and the early repayment is not A handling fee is charged.

Five, GF, good borrow money

Guangfa·Good borrowing money is a credit product launched by GF-Min Financial. Applicants need to meet the conditions of 670 points or more for sesame seeds.

The maximum amount of loans is 200,000, and the minimum interest rate is three ten thousandths.

Question 3: What is the loan interest of Alipay?

First, the ants borrow

Alipay ants borrow interest on a daily basis, daily / 0.04%, annual interest rate is 14.6% -14.64%. For example, borrowing 1,000 yuan, the daily interest is 0.4 yuan.

Second, to staging

Alipay's installment fee is charged at 2%, and the loan only supports two installment periods, namely, Phase 3 and Phase 6. The interest rate of the three-phase installment is 2.5% or 25 yuan, and the 6-year installment rate is 4.5% or 45 yuan.

Third, good loan

PayPal good loan interest is charged on a daily basis, daily /0.0495%, and the annual interest rate is 18.0675%-18.117%. For example, borrowing 1,000 yuan, the daily interest is 0.495 yuan.

Fourth, good borrow money

Alipay's interest on borrowing money is charged on a daily basis, with a daily rate of 0.03% and an annual interest rate of 10.95%-10.98%. For example, borrowing 1,000 yuan, the daily interest is 0.3 yuan.

Here, Xiao Bian wants to remind everyone that whether it is a staging product or a credit product, it is basically linked to its own sesame seeds. Sesame points directly determine whether you have the qualification for applying for loans, and also determine your loan amount.

Therefore, if you want to borrow money on Alipay, I suggest you to protect your sesame credit. Sesame is divided into 600 points or more, which is the most basic condition.

Sesame is mainly used for Alipay users' identity, performance, spending power, connections, payment, financial management, etc., to evaluate your sesame score through the model.

The higher the sesame score, the more you can enjoy more benefits such as rent-free housing, shared umbrellas, low-interest loans, and installment leases.

So, protect your sesame credit!

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