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Ma Yun said, the money in Alipay is sent!

Edit: Pineapple Source: Rong 360 column Date: 2018-06-26


In these two days, Ma Yun’s father is madly throwing money again. Alipay red envelopes earn bounty, and it’s fun!

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Recently, the World Cup has exploded, and the rooftops are almost unable to stand. It seems that everyone is fighting for wealth.

After writing the re-distribution article on Friday, there were 77 comments before the publication. I was shocked. It seems that everyone's current nerves are quite sensitive.

I don't mean that I am an industry person to help the industry to speak. I just want to say fair words, the recent thunderstorm in the online lending industry. Those thundering platforms are not what we call the industry platform, nor are they representative.

The platforms that are doing things steadily are still developing steadily, so you don't need to panic.

As long as you can always pay attention to the online loan industry, pay attention to pineapple and wealth, I believe that you will not have the opportunity to step on the thunder.

Another key is that you have to keep learning, because the money you invest is your own, you need to be responsible for them.


In these two days, Ma Yun’s father is madly throwing money again. Alipay red envelopes earn bounty, and it’s fun!

The previous money-making red envelopes were not effective, and there was no big effect. This time, Dad’s father was out of power, and the red envelope activity was upgraded, and he had the opportunity to earn more rewards.

Pineapple sister received more than a dozen text messages in the past two days, which made me "open the Alipay red envelope", I don't know if there is such a text message sent by the crowd.

I tried it and I really made money, so I have to give you a focus:

However, although it is a few hundred and a hundred, it still depends on luck, but this time it has been upgraded, it is really great.

The steps are super simple,Open Alipay and search for the invitation code number directly.Because this red envelope activity is an invitation system, you must first collect it from someone else's invitation code and generate your own invitation code.

Searching directly for this number of numbers, you can get two red packets, as shown below:

Store general red envelope

I can only get one one a day. I can use it again before I can use it. I don’t know if I am not lucky. I only received 2 cents for the first time. I am also drunk.

I hope everyone is lucky than me!

Yu'e Bao consumption red envelope

The balance treasure consumption can be used directly, online and offline are ok, it is quite convenient! (It is said that you can also use it to pay credit cards, you can try it)

Because it is an invitation system, the more friends you invite, the more red packets you use, and you will get more rewards.

Show everyone how to generate your own search code?

Click on "Immediately earn bounty" after receiving the red envelope

Will appear below

It can be forwarded to WeChat group, circle of friends or directly generate your own search code for easy use.

Although it is not a big money, some people rely on Alipay red packets to earn 1,000 oceans a day;

In other words, making money in the Internet era is really not difficult, as long as you pay attention, there will always be many opportunities to make money!

WeChat public number: pineapple wealth (boluomoney)

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