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Arrears are not yet 11 houses to be forced to auction? It turned out to be the fault it caused!

Time: 2018-06-06         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: dill Money

I didn’t borrow money, I didn’t spend money, but the house was auctioned by the court. Why?

Women provide loan collateral for others 11 suites face auction

According to the Nanguo Jinbao report, Liuzhou citizen Ms. Yu used 11 houses to produce a property right certificate to Wang, and loaned 5.7 million. In return, Wang gave Ms. Yan a benefit. Later, Wang refused to repay the loan. In desperation, the bank sued the court, and the court ruled that the 11 houses under the name of the auction guarantor Ms.

Ms. Yu returned and found that the borrower was suspected of criminal offences. So she collected relevant evidence and ran around, and turned to the police in the bank, the court and Liuhe to defend her rights. Finally, the court decided to suspend the auction of the property used by Ms. .

Borrowing is risky, guarantees need to be cautious

Someone asked, is it just that the guarantee should be paid for someone else? Legally speaking, if the lender does not pay back, it should. In fact, making a guarantee is not as simple as making proof for others, but rather as a disguised loan. Although he is not the actual lender, he will also be jointly and severally liable. In the article, Ms. Qi, in the face of a small profit, faced the situation that the house was auctioned, it is not worth it. If the house is finally auctioned, Ms. Yan is really a money room.

If you make a guarantee for others, the lender runs away, the bank asks you to repay, refuses to repay, you will be on the blacklist of credit, and it will be difficult to apply for a loan later.

Seeing this, will you still give loan mortgage guarantees to others in the future? Some people may think that this is more risky than lending money. Yes, the worst result of borrowing money is that money has been squandered, but as a guarantee, not only does it have no money, but personal credit will be damaged. If it is not good, it will be ruined.

Therefore, when making a guarantee, you must be careful. You can consider the following points:

Understand the actual situation of the borrower

Whether it is a relative or a friend, before making a guarantee, you must make a detailed understanding of his actual situation through various channels, including the status of credit information and actual repayment ability. Even if the borrower is very reliable, there will be operational risks. You can't just make a guarantee because you want to face and have a good relationship with people.

Of course, it is even more difficult to ignore the risks of guarantees because of the benefits promised by the borrowers. It seems that you have taken up a lot of money, and in fact the risks are far greater than the benefits, and ultimately may not be worth the candle. These are all undesirable.

just do you best

When you give a guarantee to others, measure your financial ability. If the guarantee liability is beyond the scope of the guarantee, you must not blindly sign the guarantee contract. Otherwise, it will not only damage the interests of the borrower, but even your own interests cannot be guaranteed.

Full understanding of the contents of the guarantee contract

As a guarantor, when signing a guarantee contract, you must fully understand the contents of the contract, including the type, amount and guarantee method of the main creditor's right, especially as the guarantor's obligations. If you encounter a situation in which the lender runs, the court's decision must be fulfilled in accordance with the law, otherwise it will be suspected of committing a crime. However, if the situation is more complicated and the lender is suspected of contract fraud or fraudulent loans, the guarantor may choose to report the case to the public security organ and apply to the court for retrial.

In short, the guarantee for the person is risky, the guarantor must be rational!

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