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BAT is so rich, why do you still have to borrow?

Time: 2018-05-23         Source: Before you have money         Author: Before money

Everyone knows that Tencent and Ali, who are rich in the enemy, are often exposed to huge loans.

According to our thinking, it is simply unreasonable. Is there so much money in hand that I still have to borrow money?

But those who really understand these giants know that Ali, Tencent and other giants have not stopped lending!

Many people may not understand why they have to apply for a loan so rich. Isn’t your family’s money running?

If you are a watcher, you will find that the more wealthy people around us are going to make loans, why is this?

With the adjustment of China's industrial upgrading, the era of capital economy has arrived, and borrowing money is a normal state.

For ordinary people, capital is limited. If there is not enough money for operation, the marginal benefits of capital cannot be fully utilized. Therefore, in the capital era, smart people are good at borrowing other people’s money to expand their capital. .

It can be seen that in recent years, many enterprises have developed from small enterprises into well-known enterprises in a short period of time. The valuation of enterprises is not counting billions or even billions, such as dripping, hungry, etc.

Because these companies have been well-funded, they have expanded their land in the country with the help of other people's funds, and they have emerged from many competitors and quickly occupied the market.

The competition for opportunities is inseparable from the operation of capital, and the operation of capital is inseparable from borrowing money to make money, whether it is a business or an individual.

If you want to share wealth in a more brutal capital era, you will inevitably use the lever of borrowing money. The commercial competitiveness is largely due to the ability and ability of enterprises to borrow money. It is no different to borrow money to compete in business. Streaking in the bad environment!

Ma Yun once said: In today's society, the more people with debt, the more skill they have! The debt of 50,000 yuan indicates that he has the responsibility; the debt is 200,000 yuan, indicating that he understands finance;

The debt of 500,000 yuan indicates that he has the ability to repay. The debt is 1 million yuan; it shows that he has a house and a car; the debt is 10 million yuan, indicating that he has a taste, happiness and luxury in his life;

With a debt of 50 million yuan, he must be the boss of a listed company; a person with a debt of 0 basically lives on wages, and there is no project, indicating that this person must be reeling.

Today, when inflation is getting worse, even the richest people like Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin owe the bank a lot of money. Do they have no money?

No, the more wealthy people go to the loan, use the money of others to make money for themselves;

The more money a rich person can use, the greater the amount of money they can do, the faster they can make money, and the intangible increase in self-worth and corporate value.

So in order not to leave such regrets, why don't we choose to use loans to fulfill our wishes, use other people's money, use the future money to improve ourselves or change the current living standard, make ourselves better, and move in the future. Go further and climb higher!

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