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Three real stories from victims of online loans: The path to online loans can come to an end!

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Xiaojinjinjin         Author: Xiao Jin Jin Jin

What is online loan? Is it an addictive devil? Or an angel to help you succeed?

The first true story:

In April 17th, the family asked me to change jobs and helped me find a hotel. I paid more than 2,000 salary a month. When I finished the interview, I couldn’t accept the interview. I didn’t want to go and said something to my family, and I told my family that she had Go to work and keep playing outside.

The first contact with online lending in May, I feel that it is very easy to borrow money. After half a month of repayment, I have no money to find new ones. As a result, I have been borrowing money for more than half a year, and I have finally lost three. More than a dozen openings, the amount is not all add up to tens of thousands.

When I was back in November, I couldn’t show up again. When I was in a hurry, I didn’t dare to tell my family that I had borrowed 10,000 for my friends and had overdue. I borrowed tens of thousands of usury loans from the outside It's much lower.) Return all the slots and delete the App.

The last best friend had three credit cards and brushed it all to me, repaying the usury loan borrowed from the outside (giving more than a few thousand repayments in advance). Now there are no months to play two jobs, money to my friend's credit card money, although more tired, but finally came ashore, this life will not touch the net lending, deeper and deeper!

I wish you all the best friends to go to shore soon!

 The second true story:

Since the beginning of 16 years, he has been exposed to credit cards, spending money on his own, being poor and scared because the salary is not bad. He always feels that he has money to spend. There is no problem. He started overdrawing credit cards and buying cosmetics, clothes and jewelry.

Each month can spend more than 20,000, credit card one by one to do, to do 11 credit cards, the maximum amount of 50,000, and later watching people have cars, they also want to buy a car, lied to the family and said they have a little money.

I made a part of it. My family gave me a portion of my credit card, cashed in, paid for it, bought a car, and then every month I had to pay back my money to buy a car at home, and overdraft a credit card. In this way, the credit card was all brushed up. The conditions are not particularly good. Even if there are no houses, they do not know what they are doing. They cannot help but spend money.

In 2017, the credit card was overdue for the first time, fearing to affect credit checking, contact with online loans, and the days of repayment and loan repayment began. However, it was not enough to provide 11 credit cards. I also mortgaged my own car and loaned it from a loan company. 7 If you don't know your account, plus interest, you have to pay back more than 100,000.

I have a monthly salary of more than 8,000, and all I use to repay my loans is not enough. I don’t know how to go about it. I haven’t seen a lot of money. I’ve owed it a few days ago. I’ve been over 400,000. I’m scared myself. The recent turnover did not come, but before I could think of someone, I was able to open a loan. I believe that before and after adding up to 2,000 yuan to open the toll, the result was cheated. It was my last money and I used it for two days. Loan.

The lack of greed and lack of gratitude, I can't support it, and I have no courage with my family. This day is a terrible day for repayment days, and I do not know what to do. The world is dark...

After writing this, I hated myself. I was so big. For the first time, I felt like I was a scum. I used to be honest with the object. Some of the money was for him. But he was not rich. I don’t want to. Dragging him down, his father worked hard to work abroad. His mother had to go out to work and earn money because of her poor health. Since I went to work and had very little money for my family, I dragged too many people. I want to tell those who have owed one or two thousand friends. Don't touch this circle again. It's terrible. You can stop coming in now!

The third true story:

More than 10,000 people from the tenth month to the last 6 to 70,000 were struggling. They still have to continue living. They said to the future, their children, and their families. I do not know tomorrow will not be harassed. Work well tomorrow. One will be deleted tomorrow and will never be repaid.

You are also struggling to hurry or one-off loans, big loans. At the beginning of more than 10,000, I thought it was easy and stressless. It took me a few months to get through. However, it was too easy to come to the money. I also did not gamble. It is day-to-day expenses. One month’s 7,000 salary is now paying interest. This time, the state’s control may have helped me to discover the seriousness of the problem in time. You’re afraid to think that you have borrowed hundreds of thousands.

Recently, I have been looking for a big loan, but you know it. Thank you for reminding me of my family, or I was still struggling in the mud. I also need to tell you that the reminder of the dunning has not been answered at home, and I feel tired for more than half a year.

You can finally sleep well tonight and start to face your family and work hard tomorrow. Although we still have to work hard to pay back the family, it is always better to pay interest than a month's wages. This kind of earning is interesting only if there is motivation. Although my wife was very sad again tears for me. My wife is sorry.

The instant lending to online lending, afterwards, the crematorium, whether it is the Alipay in Alipay, the micro-lending of Tencent, or a bunch of partners in Alipay: Zhongmail, Weirong life, and immediate products are all online loan products. Strict implementation of the various provisions, but we must also be careful, credit is really important after all.

The above stories are true stories of old brothers. They can be said to have tasted the bitterness of the world. They are very inspirational, but many people have chosen to give up. They really cannot support it. There is no way forward, only a big one. The abyss is waiting for them.

In fact, the right to choose is in everyone's hands. Perhaps you are impulsive, but I hope you can understand that the path to online loans should end.

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