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Can I get a loan for my ID card? What should I do if my ID card is lost?

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: 99 loan         Author: 99 loans

Can I get a loan for my ID card? What should I do if my ID card is lost? I believe that everyone who saw this article has lost the wallet or experienced the loss of the wallet. The wallet is really a very troublesome thing, because everyone’s card ID card, They are all placed in the wallet. Once they are lost, they will face a lot of trouble. Although most people make up for the mistakes by replenishing the documents and bank cards, not everyone is so lucky. There are always rumors that there will be illegal ID cards with the ID card loans. For this statement, everyone Do not know the true and false, then the ID card can be loaned? What should I do if my ID card is lost?


Can I get a loan when I get an ID card?

It is not acceptable in a formal lending institution. The formal loan platform will strictly check the identity of the lender and need a lot of proof materials. It will not issue loans with just one ID card. And no matter what kind of loan is not an ID card, you can do it. Whether it is a credit loan or a mortgage, you need to check all aspects of the applicant's information. For example, the mortgage house needs the homeowner information to match the ID card information. If you can prove it, you can’t get a real estate certificate.

What should I do if my ID card is lost?

The current ID card technology cannot be the same as the mobile phone card. The lost ID card after the new ID card is invalidated at the same time. During the loss reporting process, the lost ID card can still be used normally, and the loss reporting is equivalent to giving the owner a copy. This "declaration" is still valid after the "disclaimer" is issued and the identity card is reissued in the future. After the loss of the ID card, residents can apply for a lost or reissued ID card and receive it within 20 working days. If you apply for a temporary ID card valid for 3 months, you can apply it in the morning and receive it in the afternoon.

Xiao Bian advises everyone to go to the police station to report the loss when the ID card is lost, which can become a more powerful proof. At the same time, we must remind everyone that the ID card is the business card we walk in the society. Please be sure to protect it, don't treat it at will, so you are not afraid of other people using the ID card loan. If your ID card is used maliciously, don't worry, pick up the legal weapons to protect yourself and let the criminals be disciplined.

Can I get a loan for my ID card? What should I do if my ID card is lost? After reading the above, I believe that you have already understood very clearly. It is best not to sloppyly lose your ID card. This will save you a lot of trouble. The ID card is a personal identification and must be protected.

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