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Net gambling has made me in debt, and online loans have made me homeless. What should I do?

Time: 2018-05-18         Source: Ray Ge tells a story         Author: Rego storytelling

Once you enter the net, the gambling is like the sea, and today you earn money and mortgage, do you know online loans? Have you heard of online loans?

I used to have a happy family. Later, one day, I fell in love with the net gambling, sitting in the dream of getting rich overnight, and I was immersed in the 800,000 gambling debt. My family has already forsaken me. Where should I go? Worlds, full of wonders. In today's society, the economy is growing at a high speed, business opportunities are everywhere, and some people have embarked on a road of no return that they think is a shortcut.

In some people's eyes, it is not hopeless to get rich overnight. The path of gambling and lottery passes through Rome, but what about reality? Assuming that smoking and drinking is a dangerous house, then gambling is an endless abyss.

Today I am going to talk about a young man who has unlimited imagination, but he has ruined his life because of the gambling.

Wang Xiao is a rural child. Due to poor family conditions, he chose early employment and subsidized life. The delivery man of four thousand months or five thousand and one month is very hard, but the reward is still very good.

No one's nature is greedy. When your monthly salary exceeds 10,000, you will consider how to spend 20,000, 50,000, 100,000. Wang Xiao has lacked food before, and his monthly salary is 4,000 or 5,000. He is a little inflated in his heart. He wants to be a leader and become the envy of the people around him.

In one chance, Wang Xiao contacted the so-called online gambling and spent 500 attempts to buy a string of numbers. Unexpectedly, it suddenly became 10 times more than 5000. Greed is terrible.

In one minute, you can earn a hard earned income for a month. Why are you going to work? He is addicted and starts making money. But is online gambling affordable? Slowly, starting to lose money, the more losses, the greater the loss, until they wake up, Wang Xiao put all the savings into it.

He should have stopped, he chose not to be willing, why can't others do it? He chose to paralyze himself again, borrowing a loan shark, 10,000. It didn't take an hour, and it was lost again, and this time, it was obviously not so easy. A loan of 10,000 yuan can only make a lot of people unable to turn over in this life in just one month. In a very short time, the profit has already reached 800,000. Xiao Wang’s face is stunned. Xiao Wang even borrowed ants to borrow money, micro-credit, etc. Finally, when he was in Alipay, Wei Rong lived, the last time After 20,000, he realized that it should stop.

The family knew about Xiao Wang’s business, 800,000, which is an astronomical figure for them. What is even more unbearable is that Xiao Wang actually asked the family to ask for money. Both of them are old people of the peasants. From where they can get out of 800,000 to pay their debts, I can't help. Xiao Wang is now completely awake, but does he still have a chance?

In the face of online loans, online gambling, what is your opinion?

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