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Internet gambling made me indebted, and online loans made me homeless. What should I do?

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Reggio Storytelling         Author: Rego storytelling

A net gambling deep like the sea, but today still earn money on mortgages, do you know online loan? Have you heard about online loans?

I used to have a happy family. Later, one day, I fell in love with a net gambling. I sat in a dream of being rich overnight. I was immersed in it and owed 800,000 gambling debts. My family has abandoned me. Where do I go from here? Worlds, full of wonders. In today's society, where the economy is growing at a rapid rate, business opportunities are everywhere, and some people have embarked on a path of no return that they think is a shortcut.

In some people’s eyes, it’s not a hopeless idea to spend a fortune overnight. Gambling and lottery lines lead to Rome. But what is it? Assuming that smoking and drinking are dilapidated, then gambling is an endless abyss.

What I want to say today is a young man who has unlimited dreams. However, due to the fact that online gambling has ruined his life, let's take a look.

Wang Xiao is a rural child. Due to poor family conditions, he chose early employment and subsidized life. The deliveryman for four thousand months or five months and one month is very hard, but the reward is still very good.

No one's nature is greedy. When your monthly salary exceeds 10,000, you will consider how to spend 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000. Wang Xiao had previously lacked food and had a monthly salary of 4,000 or 5,000. He felt a little bloated in his heart. He wanted to be a leader and became the object of envy for those around him.

In an opportunity, Wang Xiao contacted the so-called online gambling and spent 500 attempts to purchase a string of numbers. Surprisingly, it suddenly became 10 times over 5,000. Greed is terrible.

In a minute, you can earn a hard earned income for a month. Why did you go to work? He is addicted and begins to earn money. But is online gambling affordable? Slowly, they began to lose money. The more losses they suffered, the greater the losses. Until they wake up, Wang Xiao put all his savings into the company.

He should have stopped and he chose to be reconciled. Why can't others do it? He chose to paralyze himself again, borrowing a loan shark, 10,000. It took less than an hour and finished, and this time it was obviously not so easy. A one-thousand-dollar loan shark can take only one month to make many people unable to turn it over in this life. In a very short time, it was already profitable to 800,000. Xiao Wang looked at his face and Xiao Wang even borrowed ants to borrow money, micro-credit and so on. Finally, when he was living in Alipay, Wei Rong, the last time After 20,000, he realized that all this should stop.

The family knew about Xiaowang’s work, 800,000. It was an astronomical number for them. Even more unbearable is that Xiao Wang even asked the family to reach out and ask for money. Both are peasants' old people. From where they can get 800,000 yuan to pay their debts, they can't help. Xiao Wang now completely wakes up, but he still has the opportunity?

In the face of online loans, online gambling, what is your opinion?

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