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Dripping can also borrow money! Someone lent 200,000!

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: melt 360

"The flight attendants killed a taxi", so that the drops again become the focus!

In many people's eyes, drops are just a travel APP. But many people find that they can also borrow money! What's going on?

Drip loans quietly on the line!

In mid-April, Didi APP launched a lending service! Full name drip loan!

What is a drip loan?

Drip Loan is a loan service jointly launched by DDT and other financial institutions. It should be noted that drip loan can only be applied for by himself, but there is no restriction on the use of loan, and it is flexible.

According to the information of the Tianmao investigation, the trademark information of “Drip Water Loan” is subordinated to Beijing Shengli Infinity Technology Development Co., Ltd. This company was not newly established and was registered as early as 2013.

Looking at the scope of business, it does not involve the financial sector. Considering that drip loan is a business launched by Didi and a licensed financial institution, the industry generally believes that Didi launches a drip loan mainly for diversion!

Want easy loan? You also need to know these:

1. Where is the application for drip loan application?

Just open the new version of the Drip APP and click on the insurance under "Purse" on the personal page to jump to the "Drops of Finance" page. Hot products, you can see the "borrow money" sign.

2, how much can I borrow?

Similar to other lending products, drip loans will determine how much to borrow based on the borrower.At least 1,000 yuan, up to 200,000! The quota is quite tempting!

3, drip loan compliance?

Compliance! When Drip Loan was just launched, the relevant person in charge of Dripping Water introduced it to the public. Drip Loan is a financial service launched by Didi and formal licensed financial institutions. In other words,Granting loans, there are formal financial licenses!Be regarded as a peace of mind to the borrower!

4. Is everyone allowed to apply for drip loan?

Some users responded, received a message to push and drop money and promote SMS! Some people did not receive the response!

Fu Rong 360 Xiao Bian inspection and verification, the current drip loan is still in the closed beta stage, and not all open. Only drivers and owners who reach a certain level have the opportunity to apply! in other words,Only registered in the drip platform driver, ran a certain number of drop orders, credit information is no problem people can apply for!

Therefore, if you click on the “Priority to Get Drip Credit Loan” at the bottom of the page, you only see the prompt “Expanding the scale of opening up, and then you will be notified via SMS”, indicating that you are not in the list that can be applied. Wait patiently!

5. How do drop drop owners apply for drip loan?

(1) Open the drip master APP and log in to the registered drip driver account.

(2) Go to the dropper page, click on "My Wallet" and find "Drip Credit" Click.

(3) Jump to the Drip Loan application page, fill in the name, ID card, bank card, mobile phone number, verification code, click Apply Now!

(4) After the application is approved, enter the amount of the loan, select the period of the loan, set the bank card for the collection account, and finally click confirm the loan is completed!

Reminder: The Drip App you downloaded may be fake!

Didi's dripping water loan, there is only one official Weibo account, although registered in February, but as of May 14, microblogging release number is 0, has not yet formally operated.

Users who want to consult online, need to dial the dialing credit staff directly.

Of particular note is that Drip's Drip Loan does not currently have an APP or website. As of May 14th, in the mobile phone application market, the “Drip Loan” APP that can be searched and downloaded is another company. The business registration entity is Shenzhen Wangzhuanzhijia Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., which is not directly related to Didi!

The website of, which also belongs to the aforementioned company, is an online loan platform and has no connection with Therefore, small partners must see clearly, do not confuse!

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