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Andy Lau is also an unidentified loan shark for her. After more than 10 years, she is still obstinate.

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Northwest

1,Borrowing from usury

Do you remember Yang Lijuan, the female fan of crazy chasing stars?

Dividing his wealth at home only to see Andy Lau side, causing his father to jump into the sea of ​​suicide news detonated the country. For a time, Andy Lau was inexplicably forced by public opinion. What many people do not know is that the consequences of Yang Lijuan's crazy pursuit of the stars not only forced his father to commit suicide. He also owed a usury loan of 11,000 yuan. This money, Andy Lau, gave her anonymity. However, more than ten years later, Yang Lijuan did not only fail to reflect on the evil results of star-chasing when he was young, but he did not know how to repent, and he still wanted to see Andy Lau.

Andy Lau's benevolence is indeed impressive. However, Yang Lijuan's obsession with her understanding is not worth reflecting on. What it did during the year seemed to be explained by young and frivolous. After the passage of time, the idea of ​​crazy star-chasing has not yet disappeared. It is indeed strange.

Once, Andy Lau paid off your debt for you;

So, if you continue to chase stars later, who will pay for you?

One person, if he is not responsible for the mistakes he has committed, he will never realize the dangers of mistakes.

2, borrowing from usury

If it is ridiculous to say that borrowing money from a loan shark is still ridiculous, it is still understandable. Nowadays, it is a bottomless pit that the young people are crazy about borrowing usury loans.

A friend's circle recently published an article called "The College Students Borrowed from Usury: Fleeing, Gambling, Selling Lottery, and Testing Drugs." Liu, who was supposed to be studying in the university, became obsessed with internet speculation and was not a ghost. The name of the United States is the gambling in disguise. The father kept raising money for him to pay the debt, but where could this block the gambler's greedy heart!

In the gambler's eyes, there is only a copy and no relatives.

Don't count on people who have lost their eyes because you help him pay off the gambling debts and thank you.

Gambling is a dead end and can only save itself, and life will find a new way out.

3. Borrowing from loan gambling

Not only ordinary people will indulge in gambling, stars also cannot resist the temptation of "overturning."

As the star's gold partner, Wu Mengda also had a glorious past, but lost himself after the explosion, indulging in drinking, finding happiness and gambling. When a 300,000 Hong Kong dollar debt was recovered, Wu Mengda thought of Chow Yun-fat, hoping that the old friend could solve this “drizzle” debt. Surprisingly, Zhou Zeyi refused, saying “you solve it yourself.” Wu Mengda was on the side.

The phrase "you solve yourself" sounds very unambiguous at first. It even means a little to protect your body. However, Chow Yun-fat's consideration is that gambling debt cannot help, otherwise it will only sink deeper. It is no wonder that Wu Mengda expressed deep gratitude to Chow Yun Fat at the time of her refusal to gambling.

Whether it is gambling or loan borrowing,

From the moment of planting the idea, it is easy to go to the abyss of robbing.

The only people who can get out of this dilemma are those who are clear-headed and have very strong willpower.

  4, borrow loan sharks, borrow loan sharks, loan sharks to gambleEither way, it can easily lead people into a difficult situation.

Some people may be very fortunate. When this debt is owed for the first time, friends, relatives, and even idols will repay it for themselves. But what about the second and third time?

The ability to get out of the circle is always the powerful one.

If the usury makes you indulge, then break this illusion,

When one day, after you overcome it with a strong will, I am afraid that all the other difficulties in life are not at all possible.

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