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Liu Dehua anonymously gave her a loan-sharking loan. After more than ten years, she still remains obsessed.

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Northwest

1,Borrowing the loan with usury

Remember the female fan Yang Lijuan who is crazy about chasing stars?

Dissipating the family's wealth is only to see Andy Lau, the news that caused his father to jump into the sea to detonate the country. For a time, Andy Lau was inexplicably pushed to the forefront by public opinion. What many people don't know is that the consequences of Yang Lijuan's crazy pursuit of the stars not only forced her father to commit suicide, but she also owed a loan of 11,000 yuan. This money, Andy Lau returned anonymously for her. However, after more than a decade, Yang Lijuan not only did not reflect on the evil consequences of chasing stars when she was young, but she did not know how to repent, but she also wanted to see Andy Lau.

Andy Lau’s benevolence is indeed a sigh. However, Yang Lijuan’s obsession is not realized, why shouldn’t it be worthy of our reflection? What I did in the past seems to be plausible with young and frivolous. After the transition, the idea of ​​crazy chasing stars has not disappeared, which is really amazing.

Once, Andy Lau paid off the debt for you;

Then, continue to chase after the stars, who will pay for you?

If a person is not responsible for the mistakes he has made, he will never be aware of the dangers of mistakes.

2, borrowing high-profit loans

If it is ridiculous to use the usury to chase the stars, it is still understandable. Nowadays, it is a bottomless pit to let the young people madly fascinated by the usury.

Recently, a circle of friends has been rumored to be an article titled "College students borrowing high-profit loans and speculating money: fleeing, gambling, selling Mark Six, and testing drugs." Liu, who should have studied at the university, has become obsessed with ecstasy on the Internet. The name is the speculative coin, the essence is disguised gambling. The father kept raising money for his debts, but where is the greedy heart of the gambler!

In the eyes of gamblers, there is only a copy of the book, no relatives.

Don't expect people who are red-eyed, because you help him pay off his gambling debts and appreciate you.

Gambling is a dead end, only self-help, life will find a new way out.

3. Borrowing loan sharks

Not only ordinary people will be addicted to gambling, but the stars can't resist the temptation to "turn over".

As the golden partner of Xingye, Wu Mengda has also been brilliant, but lost himself after the red, indulging in drinking, seeking fun and gambling. When a debt of 300,000 Hong Kong dollars was recovered, Wu Mengda remembered Chow Yun-fat, hoping that old friends could solve this “drizzy” debt. Surprisingly, Zhou refused, and “you solve it yourself”. Wu Mengda is hanging aside.

The phrase "you solve it yourself" sounds very unreasonable at first, and even a little bit of a clear meaning, but Chow Yun-fat's consideration is that gambling debts can't help, otherwise it will only get deeper and deeper. It is no wonder that Wu Mengda expressed deep gratitude to Chow Yun-fat for his "not derogatory" at the time after he quit gambling.

Whether it’s gambling or borrowing a usury,

From the moment you plant your thoughts, it is easy to go to the abyss of looting.

Those who can get out of this dilemma are those who are clear-headed and have strong willpower.

  4. Borrowing the loan with usury, borrowing the loan from the usury, and borrowing the loan from the usury.No matter which one, it is easy to get people into a difficult situation.

Some people may be very fortunate. When the first time they owe this debt, some friends, relatives, and even idols will repay themselves, but the second and third time?

It is always the inner self that can make yourself out of the strange circle.

If the usury makes you addicted, then break the illusion,

When one day, after defeating it with strong willpower, I am afraid that all other difficulties in life are not a problem, right?

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