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Those who are untrustworthy want to apply for a loan can go these ways!

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: 99 loan         Author: 99 loans

Those who are untrustworthy want to apply for a loan can go these ways! Untrustworthy users generally refer to the list of those who have been overdue for inclusion in the list of untrustworthy executors. It is very difficult for such people to make loans, but there are countermeasures for everything. If the untrustworthy person wants to apply for a loan, they can go these ways!

Private lending

Private lending exists between natural persons, legal persons and other organizations, and does not require the approval of financial regulatory authorities to establish institutions. Therefore, when borrowing loans, the required procedures are relatively simple. Generally speaking, only need to examine the real estate certificate and repay the loan. Ability, then you can sign a contract, whether you are a breach of trust, this is not the focus of the audit.


However, we must remind everyone that the interest rates of private lending are generally higher and higher, and there is even a phenomenon of usury. This requires everyone to be more cautious in judging and not to cooperate with non-compliant institutions.

Small loan company

Nowadays, there are a lot of small loan companies on the market. Untrustworthy users can make more efforts here. Microfinance companies will also review qualifications, but the focus is different. Some may value personal credit, but some compare Pay attention to repayment ability and repayment willingness, which requires everyone to spread the net, learn more and consult more, and compare their actual situation.

Compared with private lending, Xiao Bian suggests that you can choose a small lending company. Its repayment method is flexible, the interest rate is transparent, it can be repaid in advance, there is no liquidated damage, the loan cycle can be customized, and the next payment is fast.


Mortgage refers to the loan that the borrower guarantees to the bank with certain collateral as the item. In other words, its core is the collateral. The level of the loan is also dependent on the collateral. As long as you follow the formal process, whether you are a loser or not, it will not be the deciding factor of the success rate of the loan.

Secured loan

Its definition is similar to a mortgage loan. It needs external strength to protect you. It can be an acquaintance or a professional guarantee company. However, if you choose a guarantee company, you need to pay the handling fee, or it is recommended to find an acquaintance to guarantee. Of course, there are requirements for the guarantor. You must have good credit and repayment ability. The public institution or civil servant is the best choice.

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