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Did not sign the contract, how to defend the arrears of the project?

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Luo Ye Law         Author: Luo Ye law

In the current society, many projects will not sign contracts before construction. Once again, it is an illegal act to allow the contractor to enter the construction without signing a written contract. The above situation directly led to the end of the project, the project payment was not given, and the interests of the construction party were damaged.

However, the fact that no contract has been signed has already occurred. How can we recover the arrears of the project? Keep in mind 1 point. Collect the most comprehensive evidence and appeal to the court, as long as your situation meets the conditions for prosecution, the court will be admissible.


Article 119 of the Civil Procedure Law Prosecution must meet the following conditions:

(1) The plaintiff is a citizen, legal person and other organization that has a direct interest in the case;

(2) There are clear defendants;

(3) There are specific claims and facts and reasons;

(4) Belong to the people's court to retain relevant evidence (such as the copy of the other party's ID card or ID number, contract, mail, SMS, recording, remittance records, etc.), promptly sued him for repayment.

You may feel that the above-mentioned content may not be nonsense. In fact, if you actually encounter a default in the real life without a contract, you may not think about the lawsuit, and you may not know the lawsuit before the lawsuit. When doing a lawsuit, what to do after the lawsuit.

Of course, I suggest that in the construction of the project, both parties should sign a written agreement to clarify the responsibilities, rights and interests of both parties.

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