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Understand the old law of the law, the debtor is difficult to win the lawsuit

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Luo Ye Law         Author: Luo Ye law

The rogue is not terrible, and it is afraid that there will be culture. Lao Lai has done things again, and the new crimes have made the courts jealous.

This is a real event


Liu Wei (pseudonym), a boss of an import and export trading company, has defaulted on commercial loans for 20 years and was charged with the court. The court ruled that the arrears were 30.72 million yuan. The court auctioned the company's dock land use rights at a price of 43.7 million. Seeing that the land is about to be auctioned, Liu Weixin is unwilling to unite Huang and Wu, planning a false lawsuit.

Forged nine lawsuits, Liu Wei was brought to court, and tens of millions of land auctions were split as creditors. This is the actual controller of Liu Wei, who is in debt, who has turned into a tens of millions of claims.

Because the evidence was sufficient, the defendant Liu Wei was happy to accept the account, and the court ruled that all the nine lawsuits won. This money actually returned to Liu Wei’s hand.

In the end, Lao Lai’s practice was still seen, fined 800,000, and suspected of committing crimes. He has been arrested.

Xiao Bian reminds: False lawsuits are the evil ways of Lao Lai. In real life, Lao Lai’s false suits can’t be underestimated. Many old Lai’s secrets are impenetrable, and creditors can’t take back money. . How to deal with people who don’t pay back?

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