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These three kinds of debts are not recognized by law at all. You don't want to come back for 1 cent!

Time: 2018-05-14         Source: Luo Ye Law         Author: Luo Ye law


Today's social life is more colorful than ever. This aspect means that our spending money can be varied, and there are potential hidden dangers on the one hand. Borrowing money first, the biggest problem for creditors is to think that as long as he pays back his money, what he has to do with money has nothing to do with me. No need to ask.

It is just wrong. Not only do you have to ask, you have to ask, it is best to let him write clearly on the loan. I remember that the judicial practice has tried many such cases. The parties know that the other party is involved in gambling to borrow money, or borrowed money from friends and relatives. Finally, I was heartbroken because the court said it did not protect such a loan relationship.


Therefore, remember that the money borrowed is the first to find out the purpose of the other party. It is absolutely unacceptable to borrow money for gambling. Second, you must know what kind of social activities are illegal activities, and borrow money to get more clear.


The following loan relationships are not protected by law. That is the loan relationship that allows the other party to violate the true intention. What does that mean? For example: A forcibly abducts B, coercing B to sign a loan that owes money to himself, and must stamp the seal.

Then B will not pay you back if you sign it yourself. The General Principles of the Civil Law clearly stipulates that one of the parties to the debt shall use the means of fraud, coercion or risk of taking the person to invalidate the civil action made by the other party in violation of the true will.


First of all, remind everyone, don't touch the usury easily. When you are not able to repay, you will be very troublesome. When you hurt your family, you will do it. According to national laws and regulations, in private lending, interest rates can be appropriately higher than bank interest rates, but beyond the limits of bank interest rates, excess interest is not protected by law.

All in all, borrowing money is not as casual as you think. The act of borrowing money is also to be established within the scope permitted by law. Otherwise, the loss is its own benefit.

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