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What are the secrets behind the balance of interest rate cuts?

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Face nowYu BaoThe reality of falling yields, how should we choose?

Yu'e Bao is a money fund. It is not a savings. It is risky. Its income is income, not interest. If you wish to think that Yu'e will not lose money, then everyone will fall into a misunderstanding. The income of Yu'ebao is not a sudden drop, but a continuous decline. Next, the author will share with you some reasons for the continued decline in Yu'ebao's revenue.

 Reason one: continue to squeeze out the Tianhong Fund, reduce the scale, and respond to the central bank's regulatory needs.Recently, the small partners should feel deeply concerned about the purchase of Yu'ebao. Before the balance of Baobao was limited to 200,000, it was limited to 100,000, and then to 9:00, it was crazy, so many small partners gave up the balance. treasure. This is one of the ways to limit the size of the balance.

 The most direct, most effective, and most stimulating drug is the reduction in interest rates.The current annualized rate of return of Yu'ebao has fallen below 4%, which is already lower than the mainstream current wealth management products on the market. Friends, I have a balance treasure, I can't reach my expected income, then why should I still have a balance?

With limited purchases and low interest rates, this combination of punches is continually compressing the world's largest money fund in the near future.

Then, the scale of Yu'ebao is too big, what will happen? Everyone should know that if you go to cash, the balance is T+0, which is the real-time account. Once a "black swan" incident occurs, everyone is running, then this Tianhong fund will be finished in an instant, because you are investing in a money fund, not a savings! Tianhong Fund has been taken to invest, there is no cash reserves, there is no way to pay the customer's principal and income. This is what the central bank calls “liquidity risk”.

To guard against this risk, Ant Financial will have to pay huge sums of money. It seems that it is not wise to do so now. Therefore, it is imperative to squeeze out the balance treasure.

Reason 2: The balance treasure has been upgraded, from one to three, diversifying risks, allowing customers to have more choices.

I believe that many of my friends have recently opened Alipay. They should also see it. Now, the balance treasure supports the upgrade. The friends who want to manage their finances should keep their eyes open and see if the latest money funds are flawed.

The current high-yield current wealth management has reached 4.18%, which I think is a good choice.

Lowering interest rates and excluding the money, Ma Yun does not want to let these funds go to other platforms. Therefore, two new current wealth management funds have emerged. You can open the balance treasure. Let the new fund to spread the investment risk of the customer, and let the customer maintain a high rate of return, killing two birds with one stone.

So, in the face of the current reality of the decline in the rate of profit, what should we choose?

 We should still decide your financial management based on your principal amount, liquidity, risk appetite, and profitability.For Alipay, I think most of the small partners who deposit balances are less principal, high liquidity requirements, low risk appetite, and high demand rate.

Therefore, if you do not consider cross-platform, since most of the balance Bao is still snapping up, you can give up the balance treasure, transfer to Yu Libao, and after upgrading the balance treasure, invest in the fund with a current yield of 4.18%.

In addition, there are some more financial management, medium-sized, such as P2P financial management 30 days, 60 days of products, you can also try it, it is recommended to take 30-40% of the unused money to vote on it, because it is reasonable With the funds, the remaining funds can be invested in long-term financial management.

Long-term financial management can choose bank financing or funds, trusts. You can also invest in several P2P head platforms, and you can easily lock in revenue through the recent 518 financial festival activities.

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