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Another platform is thundering! How to choose a reliable P2P?

Editor: Wang Xiaomi Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2018-05-14


Regarding platform compliance, there is currently no standard, but some hard requirements still have to be met.

Last week, another P2P platform was thundering.

Although it is now a reminder of a bit of suspicion, Xiao Bian is prepared to take this opportunity to talk about the method of selecting a platform.


First understand the background of the platform

Just like "I want to build a road first," if you want to make money, you must first explore whether the road is good or not. For the platform, exploring the road is a glimpse of the background.

Regarding the platform background, we need to focus on these key points:

The shareholding structure of the platform. Through the background of shareholders, we can judge whether the platform is a banking department, a listing system, a venture capital department, a state-owned department or a private-sector system. The banking system has the strongest background and the private-sector background is weak.

The paid-in capital of the platform. Note that to distinguish between paid-in capital and registered capital, paid-in capital can reflect the capital strength of the platform.

High-level management of the platform. According to the regulatory requirements, the information of the senior management team needs to be disclosed. If this part of the content is missing, it means that the platform letter is not in place, and if so, it will focus on the educational background and experience of the executives.


Look at compliance again

Regarding platform compliance, there is currently no standard, but some hard requirements still have to be met.

Bank depository. This issue has been supervised for a long time. If the platform is not yet docked to the bank, then the attitude of the platform to embrace compliance is not positive enough, or that some aspects do not meet the requirements of the bank.

ICP and other levels of protection. The former is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to prove that the website is legally operated; the latter is issued by the public security department, indicating that the information security level of the website has reached the highest level. Although it is not a necessary condition for filing, it is a kind of website strength. Recognition.

Small amount of dispersion. In the regulatory draft last year, there was a stipulation that a single person could not borrow more than 200,000 on a single platform. In this regard, we can observe the operation report of the platform, pay attention to the proportion of the largest single borrower's outstanding amount of the announcement, and simply calculate the amount of the largest single loan.

As for some collection or automatic bidding tools, you can also view their claims details and understand the amount of each loan.

Asset side. At present, the asset side of the P2P platform mainly includes small-scale decentralized consumer finance, supply chain finance, and automobile finance. These three types of assets are relatively high-quality, but the requirements for risk control of the platform are relatively high.


Platform disclosure

The information disclosure of a platform can largely reflect the basic situation of the platform.

Letter to the column. Last year's letter of confusion clearly stated that the information indicators that the P2P platform should disclose to investors include record, organization, audit, operation and project categories. Therefore, the letter column has become the standard for all major platforms. You can use this section of the platform. Next, look for relevant information.

Basic operational data. Accumulated borrowing amount, accumulated lending number, etc., which can reflect the size and scale of the platform. Although the scale of the platform is not as large as possible, it still needs to reach a certain threshold and the operation can be more stable.

Monthly operational report. In this report, it is important to pay attention to whether the new capital flow of the platform is normal every month. For the normal operating platform, the number and amount of new loans per month will be maintained in a stable growth range.


Understand the recent sensation and dynamics of the platform

This is really crucial. Before we invest, it is best to go to some professional online loan investment communities to learn about the platform's recent evaluation.

Is there any overdue? Is there a major equity change? Is there a situation that cannot be withdrawn?

Also pay attention to the recent developments of the platform, whether it suddenly starts to issue a magnifying target, suddenly start a big effort, and engage in activities such as raising interest rates and cash back...

Under normal circumstances, the platform pays great attention to its brand reputation. If there are a lot of negatives suddenly, no one will come out to solve or respond, then the platform is really a problem.


Just like the popular credit of the thunderstorm last week (the official website can't be opened now). . .

Through Kaixinbao, we can simply see its shareholding structure.

The main body of the platform operation is Zhongrong Minxin Capital Management Co., Ltd. There are three major shareholders behind it. The equity is relatively concentrated, and the private sector is very weak.

According to the operational data disclosed before the official website of the People's Credit, the accumulated transaction amount is 6.826 billion yuan, the accumulated transaction number is 1,068,200, and the amount to be repaid is 228 million yuan. This amount of funds is relatively small in the online loan industry.

There are certain falsifications in its information disclosure. Someone pointed out before that the information disclosed in the public credit has revealed that the borrower is 51 years old, but the working time is 480 months (40 years)... It is obvious that there is suspicion of fraud.

And there is still a big problem with the people's credit: the development of offline wealth management stores.

The regulatory interim measures clearly pointed out that the online lending platform as an information intermediary is not allowed to sell wealth management products offline, and the offline credit stores of the People’s Credit Bank have been conducting offline wealth management business for unspecified people, which is easy. Caused illegal fund raising.

In fact, in early March, major online lending forums began to question investors about some of the problems of private credit, and on April 11, the online mortgage crisis of 150 million people broke out.

This kind of large-scale negative, investors really need to be sensitive ~

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