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What should I do if Alipay WeChat transfers wrong? Teach you a few tricks

Edit: Lisa Source: Duo Chuang Technology Date: 2018-05-14


Both Alipay and WeChat have a hidden feature - the transfer delay feature, which allows you to spend more time to recover the past that you accidentally made mistakes.

The development of the Internet has infiltrated and made our lives more convenient. The e-wallet function of Alipay and WeChat allows payment, transfer, and living payment to be completed by mobile phones. More and more people go out without cash, and thieves are on the verge of unemployment. WeChat and Alipay can guarantee the security of mobile payment through technology. But the true safety of foolproofness still depends on your own care.

As we all know, WeChat and Alipay transfer are irreversible. Often people will turn the wrong person because of the big money transfer. At this time, they can only cry without tears. However, Alipay and WeChat all have a hidden function - the transfer delay function, so that you can spend more time to recover the past that has been mistakenly made.

Ma Yun also knows our concerns, so I released a few hundred million payment claims and gave us a reassurance. This makes us feel safe to use Alipay. Although Alipay has many security settings, it is for Alipay and WeChat. Use is still cautious, after all, human operations are inevitably unexpected.

In fact, Alipay, WeChat transfer is also very convenient, eliminating the need to go to the bank transfer, and WeChat as a transfer-free fee has also been loved by the majority of users, but people will inevitably be wrong, this does not have a Miss Wang online One slipped the wrong money, but Miss Wang immediately contacted the other party. The other party also said that it would be returned immediately, but it has been delayed by excuses. Then Miss Wang has been in contact, and the other party directly ignores it. Miss Wang directly misunderstood. For the sake of profit, the other party was brought to court and the court sentenced Miss Wang to win the case. This is a blessing in misfortune.

According to the above case, I will give you a summary of the precautionary measures for transferring funds. In fact, there is a delayed transfer function in Alipay, which allows you to find out that there is time to make up for the wrong transition. This function also has a delay transfer time limit. You can choose 2 Hours or 24 hours.

The same WeChat also has such a function, but found that the transfer is wrong, you can start to communicate with the other party. WeChat is also a social product. Most people now use micro-credit to get in touch with friends and family. How do you sometimes delete your chat with your family or friends? Can the deleted chat history be retrieved? No! You can use the "Mobile Data Recovery Wizard" to recover the recovery.

The most comprehensive strategy to raise the quota to 50,000, pay attention to the WeChat public account: the financial notes, reply to the "flowers" to obtain.

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