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Ants borrowed cheats to open cheats, and if you don’t look at you, you will lose money!

Edit: Catherine Source: Qian Youfang Date: 2018-05-12


In fact, it is not so difficult to open an ant to borrow it. If you look at the cheats below, you will know.

Why do other people have ants to borrow me but not?

Because I am so handsome, Ma Yun yells at me?

Or because my income is too low, Ma Yun looks down on me?

How can we open an ant to borrow?

I believe that many people who have not borrowed ants so far have similar questions. In fact, it is not so difficult to open an ant to borrow it. If you look at the cheats below, you will know.

First, first meet the hard condition

There are three hard conditions for opening ant flower buds:Sesame credits are above 600, Alipay real name certification, binding common bank cards and mobile phone numbers.

Sesame credits are above 600, which is a clear requirement of Alipay officials. There is nothing to explain. Real-name authentication, binding of bank cards and mobile phone numbers are prerequisites for various loans. If you want to open an ant, you must first meet these hard conditions.

Second, use Alipay to shop and spend more

Now whether it is online or offline, whether it is eating, singing, watching movies, charging fees, paying water and electricity, credit cards, etc., many aspects of daily life have been covered by Alipay.Not only Taobao, Tmall, in the place where you can use Alipay, try to use Alipay, it will increase the probability of opening ants to borrow.

Why do you say that? First, consumption is a comprehensive manifestation of one's financial resources. Multi-use Alipay consumption is beneficial to Alipay to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of us. Second, every time we use Alipay to pay, it involves the merchants to pay a certain fee to Alipay. In other words, the more we use Alipay, the more we contribute to Alipay.More contributions, Alipay is naturally willing to lend.

Third, buy more wealth management products from Ant Financial

Buying wealth management products? What do you want to do with treasures, deposits, and funds? Don't worry about this,If you understand, buy more, if you don't understand, put the money in the balance.Yu'e Bao is also a kind of ant money service products in a broad sense.

How much is it appropriate to put in the balance? According to your own economic strength, put as much as possible and take a long time. When I did the investigation before, some users reported that they did not borrow money, and they saved 10,000 yuan in the balance treasure. After one month, the loan was actually appeared.

Fourth, use more ant flower buds and repay on time

If there are ant flower buds, no matter how much the amount is, use more and repay on time, you canForming a good credit record in Alipay is very helpful for opening and lending.If you don't have a flower, you can ignore it. Start with other places and open it.

In addition, Alipay "Love Donation" has many public welfare projects, donate money from time to time, let Alipay know that you are a caring person, can also increase the probability of opening a loan.

Is this finished? of course not!

The most effective way to open an ant is:Increase Alipay water.

Everyone should know that when many online lending platforms and financial institutions apply for loans, they need to provide bank flow. Ants borrowing as a credit product are no exception, and they attach great importance to the flow of Alipay.Increase the Alipay transfer, the amount of cash and the number of times to form an effective Alipay, not only can you open the loan, but the amount will be much higher than those who have no water or low water.

Before eating with friends in several financial industries, I talked about borrowing and found that they were 100,000+. It’s so dumbfounded, how is it so high? ! When I asked, I knew that many of their private clients first gave them money, and then they used Alipay to transfer them to the company.

 Finally remind everyone:At present, ants borrowed and still do not support active application. If they want to open ants, they need a process of data and credit accumulation in Alipay.Those who are arrogant, paying money can force the ants to borrow, all scams, don't be fooled!

The most comprehensive strategy to raise the amount of the loan to 50,000, pay attention to: the financial notes, reply to the "borrowing" to obtain.

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