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Learn these tricks and make money steady

Edit: Catherine Source: Factory Director Investment Notes Date: 2018-05-11


Simple and rude, very practical.

At the weekend, at the invitation of a friend of the financial media, I went to the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University to participate in a seminar on financial education. The total number was about 30 or so, except for the 3 teachers and 2 graduate students of Jiaotong University. They are all employees in the financial industry, and some friends in the financial media.

The director also did some investor education work during the event, especially the risk prevention of Internet finance.

The factory manager listed"eight do not vote."

Today, it is also easy to understand. The friends at the seminar said that it was simple and rude and very practical.

1. Platforms that do not conform to national policy directions and run counter to regulatory policies

Undoubtedly, the platform that walks on the edge of the law and strikes the ball is the most dangerous. Except for the 8.24 regulatory policies promulgated by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, they cannot be done. Similar to online pyramid schemes, the Punjab scam, even if you may be able to grab a handful of wool in a short period of time, make a quick money, but it is not suitable for most ordinary people.

Some consumer rebate platforms, online pyramid schemes, and ICO projects are extremely risky and illegal.

In the past few days, Yunlianhui has had the risk of “suspected pyramid schemes”, “illegal fundraising” and “Ponzi scheme” in the past few days.

Should someone say that the country is still not blocked?

At the beginning of the crazy roll-up period, everyone is making money, who is willing to report it? After the accident, it is strange that the government does not supervise. . .

2. The platform that only manages money without loans can not vote.

For investors, what we want is financial management.

What is the relationship with the loan? The factory manager tells you about the risks inside. When you invest in wealth management products, the money is given to the platform. Are you relieved?

too naive!The real thing to look at is where the money goes. Where is the money going? It is the loan we are going to say to the loan, car loan, mortgage, redemption mortgage, down payment, credit loan, cash loan.... It is the place where your money flows. Where to go is to decide if your money is safe.

Without a platform for the loan side, it is either a liar or a purchase of someone else's assets. Such a cost is too high for investors or the platform to be a long-term solution.

3, the income is too high, the platform does not vote

This does not have to explain how everyone understands that the wool party is not suitable. They are typical pursuit of high-yield platforms.

The income is too high and super high, mainly concentrated in the fund disk, cash lending platform.

Last year, the operation of a certain treasure cash loan platform told the factory manager that they could achieve 60%-200%, and I would go to the fighters in the usury. Specifically, how to play, they are gambling, I lend to those who do not have credit, similar to people who do not have a credit card, no money to borrow. 1000-5000 does not wait, borrow 1000 yuan a month and still 1100-1200 yuan. If 60% of people pay back on time, they are making money, and the gambling is the probability.

Under the current online lending environment, the factory's comprehensive annualized income red line is 15%! (Except for some newbie, some platform novices can give 20-30%, just to get new users, benefits only).

As for those platforms that have a daily income of 1-3%, whoever touches who is stupid!

4. Platform with unclear profit model

How to explain this profit model? It’s not clear how you make a company and how you make money. You only know the money you burned, or the investment of the investor’s hard-earned money. What's the point? You lose the original intention of doing the platform.If you only want to rely on the Ponzi scheme to support your development, you can rely on deceit to seek benefits. That is definitely to be abandoned by everyone.

A good profit model is the fundamental guarantee that you can develop for a long time. The domestic P2P online lending platform mainly manifests in three types: pure information intermediary mode, online lending mode providing guarantee, and credit transfer mode. At present, the transfer of creditor's rights has been banned, and only the information intermediary and guarantee model is a model worthy of deep exploration. It is also the main profit model in the current online loan platform. Most of the many platforms that have recently been listed in the US are information brokers, and the borrower and the investor directly match one type of information.

So far, if the platform you invested in has been losing money, and the profit model is still developing in various ways, there is no major direction. Then quickly evacuate, he will have problems sooner or later.

5. The platform with unclear wind control mode

The factory manager has previously studied the risk control model within the P2P industry. There are mainly mortgage loan models, guarantee models, credit loan models, etc. Of course, some platforms will choose a combination of several modes.

Wind control is the life gate of finance. There are too many problems in the analysis of the wind control. The factory director will explain the incompleteness at one and a half today. In the next issue, we will focus on the analysis of the risk control model of the online loan platform. I believe that we can bring you more detailed answers.

In short, the risk control mode of the investment platform you must go to chat with the customer service, and then discuss with the factory manager. At present, the main popular is the risk reserve fund. This is very important, remember.

6. A platform that has not been established for a long time, and a small scale cannot be invested.

In fact, everyone still understands this. In the past six months, many people have asked the same question. The online lending regulatory policy has tightened, the platform is busy with filing compliance, and the birth of the new platform means very high cost operation, both in terms of customer cost and operating cost. Unless you are a platform for a super boss background, but the boss is not stupid, this time into the white money.

There are still some small platforms that are very embarrassing. The operation time is more than one year. The transaction scale is basically less than 1 billion. It is in a very awkward position in the industry. At present, the cost of rectification of online loans is relatively high. There are only deposits, no background, no wind. Investment, word of mouth is also general. There is also no money to advertise a lot, not only the wool party, but also the assets are not safe.Eighty percent of the final outcome of this platform is to be sold or liquidated.

7, the frequent replacement of legal persons can not vote

For example, the director said that after Huitong Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was running, a typical feature was the frequent changes of legal persons: Fu Wei → Rong Yaodong → Shi Wenfeng!

The director specially reminds the legal person to change the platform frequently. Some scammers will change the legal person into a sinner before the accident, and some even directly set the legal person as a person with no civil capacity such as a disabled person or an elderly dementia. Then, when waiting for the investors to arrive, they have already slipped away.

So this should be especially cautious!

8, offline operating financial platform can not do, especially blind expansion of the store

The store I am talking about here refers to the store that absorbs investors, not the store of assets. When I say this, in fact, many offline financial platforms have been tightened, and many stores have been closed. The factory manager remembers that in 15 years, e-rental and other platforms almost caught up with real estate agencies, and the store opened a fire.

Recently, Shanlin Finance has been inspected, and there are nearly 1,000 offline wealth management stores. However, there are still some platforms with physical stores. The operating costs, rents, labor, and publicity of physical stores are N times that of online platforms. These moneys are the cost of the financial platform. If the operating costs are limited, the platform will survive for survival. road.

The fundamental reason why the factory manager does not have a platform is the control of risk. I hope that you can see the perfect lightning protection and make money!

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