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How can a thousand yuan loan be passed once? Get these five tips

Time: 2018-05-11         Source: Popular Flowers         Author: Volkswagen flowers

When you urgently use your money to apply for a micro-loan and you are rejected for no reason, will you have such questions as: Why do people have to apply for a small loan of RMB 1,000 and the application has already been rejected? Why do other people's information review, loan payment speed, and the amount of high, but their own progress slow down this line is also low? ... Xiao Bian has compiled five tips for personal successful loans. I just need to receive them.

Prepare before borrowing

Before the online loan, we must first carefully understand the borrowing requirements, and we must also prepare relevant materials before we can achieve a targeted and speed up the review. Instead of filling in a mess of information, holding a chance of psychological blindness, waiting for data review through the lending.


The phone number must be true

Now all loan applications for loan platforms need to submit mobile phone numbers for registration or verification. For this purpose, in the process of applying for loans, the first step is to ensure that the mobile phone number used is authenticated by the real name. In addition, the longer the mobile phone number is used, the better.

Unit Information Filling Tips

When filling in the information of the unit, be sure to fill in the real content, it is best to be found on the Internet, and the unit telephone guarantee can be connected. Fill in the position and income, need to fill in matching, do not recommend "self-packaging", otherwise affect the audit results

Provide additional supporting materials

Loans now refer not only to personal data in the credit system, but also to third-party credit data. For example, the sesame credit score, social accounts (microblogging), and shopping accounts (Taobao, Jingdong) are authorized for platform-assisted auditing.

Apply for a credit card

If conditions allow, apply for a credit card first. Loaning on a loan platform with a credit card will be much simpler and the amount will be higher. Because they can get a credit card to explain their personal qualifications, the central bank's credit information has been approved by the bank, and the loan platform will not review too much but use the credit card limit to make loans.

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