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How does a thousand yuan loan pass? Get these five tips

Time: 2018-05-11         Source: Volkswagen Flower         Author: Volkswagen flowers

When you urgently use your money to apply for a small loan but you are rejected for no reason, would you have the question: Why do people apply for a small loan of 1,000 yuan, but their own has been rejected? Why do other people review data, release money quickly, and the amount is high, and the progress of their own progress is low? ... now Xiaobian compiled the five skills of personal success loans, just need to collect.

Prepare before borrowing

Before making an online loan, you must first carefully understand the borrowing needs, and also prepare relevant materials to be able to achieve targeted and improve the speed and quota of the review. Instead of filling in the information, holding the luck and blindness, waiting for the data review to pass the loan.


The mobile phone number must be true

Now all loan platforms are required to submit mobile phone numbers for registration or verification. In the process of applying for loans, the first need to ensure that the mobile phone number used is real-name certified. In addition, the longer the mobile phone number is used, the better.

Unit information filling tips

When the unit information is filled in, you must fill in the real content, it is best to find it on the Internet, and the unit phone is guaranteed to be able to connect. In the filling of the position and income, you need to fill in the matching, do not recommend "self-packaging", otherwise it will affect the audit results.

Provide additional supporting materials

The loan now refers not only to the data of the individual in the credit information system, but also to the third-party credit data. For example, if a sesame credit score, a social account number (microblog), a shopping account (Taobao, Jingdong) are authorized to the platform for auxiliary review, a higher amount can be obtained.

Apply for a credit card

If conditions permit, first apply for a credit card, and borrowing from a loan platform with a credit card will be much simpler and the amount is high. Because, you can get a credit card to explain your personal qualifications, the central bank's credit information has been approved by the bank, the loan platform will not review too much, but refer to the credit card quota for loan.

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