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How many tens of thousands of credit cards have not yet been paid back, will it affect the application for mortgages?
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Now people have more or less a few credit cards. Moreover, the credit card may have a lot of credit, there are so many tens of thousands of dollars, and use a lot out.

Now people have more or less a few credit cards. Moreover, the credit card may have a lot of credit, there are so many tens of thousands of dollars, and use a lot out.

However, there are also many people who know that to apply for a mortgage to a bank, they must first lower their debt ratio. Otherwise, it is difficult for them to apply for a mortgage from the bank.

Therefore, many people are also worried that if their credit card is in arrears, will it affect their application for a mortgage?

With regard to such issues, Xiaoxiao Finance Xiaobian thinks that as long as you repay on time, it should not have much impact!

This is because mortgages are not the same as general business loans; conventional business loans need to examine the loan-to-asset ratio of loan applicants. However, bank assessments of mortgages are different. Banks need to consider an index called “revenue repayment ratio”. This "repayment repayment ratio" refers to the fact that loan applicants are required to repay the various types of loan principal and interest not more than 55% of the average monthly income. Credit card debt is not counted.

Therefore, the credit card's debt will not have much impact on our application for a mortgage.

Finally, the small financial minor editors reminded that the main focus of the mortgage review is the personal credit information and income stability of the loan applicant. Because, individual credit information can examine the credit risk of the loan applicant, and the income stability can examine the loan applicant's ability to repay. Therefore, if everyone is afraid that the mortgage application will not come down, it is best to work hard in these two aspects.

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