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4 things that a credit card can't do, these pits will be finished!
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With the popularity of credit cards, more and more people are starting to use credit cards. But the rules of credit cards are much more complicated than savings cards.

With the popularity of credit cards, more and more people are starting to use credit cards. But the rules of credit cards are much more complicated than savings cards.

And many people don't know much about the rules of credit cards. Just use the credit card and use it casually, thinking that it will be fine if you pay back on time. This is not the case. There are a lot of details on the credit card that need people's attention. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to fall into the trap.

Here, Xiaoyue Finance summarizes several restricted areas that are easy to step on when using a credit card. Please listen to Xiaobian’s slogan below~

Credit card overdue

When using a credit card, the most taboo is overdue, because overdue will cause your personal credit information to be bad. The consequences of bad credit are believed to be known to everyone. If it is overdue, it will affect our daily life. If it is overdue or refuses to return. If you are found, you will be held criminally responsible!

After the repayment

Many people feel that the bank installment fee is very high, so they do not like credit card installment. Every time the credit card is billed, the bill is paid off, but the bank clears the credit card bill and immediately flushes the bill. In fact, this is very hurtful. If the credit card is in a state of being brushed out for a long time, it is easy to be controlled by the bank.

Abnormal consumption

Now the credit card withdrawal fee is very expensive, many people will choose to swipe on the merchant's POS machine, but do not pay attention to business hours. It’s like going to KTV in the morning and shopping in the supermarket in the early morning. A lot of normal will have a lot of questions. The bank will suspect that you have a suspense. It is possible to seal your card.

Bad POS machine

Many people now say that if they don’t cash out, they don’t know what to do with a credit card. So many people will choose to go to a friend's POS machine to swipe the card to cash out. However, if you are experiencing bad luck, if you encounter a code hopping machine, it means that you are spending at different locations. Limiting your credit card will limit your credit card.

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