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There are 4 things you can never do with a credit card.
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With the current popularity of credit cards, more and more people are using credit cards. But credit card rules are much more complicated than savings cards.

With the current popularity of credit cards, more and more people are using credit cards. But credit card rules are much more complicated than savings cards.

And many people are not very familiar with the rules of credit cards. After they get a credit card, they will use it casually, thinking that repayment on time will be fine. In fact, this is not the case. There are many details on the credit card that require people's attention. If not, it is easy to fall into a trap.

Here, Little Finance sums up a few restricted areas that are easy to step into when using a credit card.

Credit card expired

When using a credit card, the most taboo is overdue, because overdue will cause your personal credit information to be bad. The consequences of poor credit reporting are believed to be known by everyone. If they are overdue, they will affect our daily lives. If overdue or refused to return. If found, you will also be held criminally responsible!

Refund after repayment

Many people think that bank instalments are very expensive and do not like credit card installments. Each time the bill is paid off when the credit card is billed, but the bank pays off the credit card bill and immediately brushes out the bill. In fact, this is a very damaging card. If a credit card is left blank for a long period of time, it can easily be controlled by the bank.

Consumption is abnormal

Credit card withdrawals are very expensive. Many people choose to swipe their cards at the merchant's POS, but they do not pay attention to business hours. For example, I went to KTV in the morning and went to the supermarket for shopping in the early morning. Many of the normal questions are of great doubt. The bank will suspect that you have cash in suspense. It is possible to seal your card.

Bad POS machine

Now many people will say that if they do not cash out, they do not know what to do with credit cards. So many people choose to go to a friend's POS machine to swipe their card and cash out. However, if you are having a bad luck with a code-changing machine, it shows that you are spending at different locations. The bank's risk control will limit you, thereby reducing your credit card limit.

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