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In addition to balance treasure, Alipay also has these "artifacts" to make money!

Edit: Catherine Source: Financial sister community Date: 2018-05-11


But where ordinary people are suitable to participate in financial products, Alipay has.


On making money, I am convinced of two horses.

Several years have been quietly collecting licenses for various industries in order to summon the dragon.

A joke, no dragons, grand plans to say, say it.

Previous elder sister chat p2p, goods base, finger base, gold .... Some reader asked me: Miss elder sister, does this need to download a lot of APP.

Of course not ah! Do not underestimate Alipay, it is never just a simple payment purse.

It has already jumped out of this small circle and developed toward wealth management. However, it is common for financial products that ordinary people are suitable to participate in.

  The balance of goods such as balance treasure will not speak, and when the purse is used, it is not investment.This issue will cover other sections of Alipay.


Ant wealth,Good things can meet the vast majority of White's financial investment needs.

In the past, the ant wealth plate shrunk into "my" in a low-key manner, and now it is moved directly to the front page and can be seen by opening the application.

1. Regular products

Most of the investment in such product assets is based on low risk. Since it is a low-risk species, the proceeds will naturally not be too high, about 4.5% - 5.4%, which is higher than the stock market of the balance treasure, the period from January to 1 year.

Of course, there is no comparison with P2P. If the coupons are not superimposed, the proceeds will be normal to me.

2. Funds

All people on earth know that the fixed-income category preserves value, but equity investments can add value.

For those who don't have a stock account and are too lazy to get multiple apps, Ant Fortune is a treasure, and off-exchange funds can basically buy.

In last Friday's article, I shared two chickens that are suitable for novice Alipay investment.

Ant Fortune has also put together a number of funds with outstanding performance in specific sectors. It has been placed in a conspicuous position and is not too friendly to small white users.

The Sino-Italian fund, at any time plus optional pool, slowly inspected.

As for compliance, there is no need to worry about it. It is through Ant Financial's holding a 68.83% stake in Hangzhou Jimmy Fund Sales Co., Ltd., thereby winning the fund sales license. Widened by legal sales funds.

3. Gold

Sino-US trade wars and gods fighting are good for safe-haven assets. Gold is gaining momentum, and domestic gold prices have now risen to 275 yuan.

The sister married the gold in a tweet on March 6. At that time, the domestic gold price was at the bottom of 268 yuan/g. At that time, it was a small profit to make a profit, but it is not the right place to buy.

Investment is the discovery of opportunities, advance the layout, do not chase after the high, such as this wave of rising gold.

Truthfully speaking, speculation won't make much money, unless the market suddenly sells well.

For example, if a fat comes out, it's time to make a big deal.... Keke, the probability is negligible.

However, I have repeated N times. As one of the asset allocation combinations, I can do it properly.


Insurance function,Need to speak out separately.

As the current leader in traffic flow, BAT is in the insurance sector. First, quality is a guarantee.

Things are good, users can't lie.

But to tell the truth, the health insurance on Alipay can be bought, but it is not recommended for every insurance.

It is a somewhat cheaper insurance, but its name is weird but it is practical. Such as domestic and foreign travel accident insurance, travel private storage.

I have a reporter girlfriend, mobile phone screensaver often. The loss is good temper, otherwise buy X all as bricks.

But its service in the insurance sector really sucks, search entry? Does not exist (pitcher)


Finally, I shared several readers Amway's gadget. I haven’t used it yet. I’ve never found it before.

1. Bookkeeping (Home - More - Convenience)

A cute girl from the background recommended it, must be put up.

There are so many kinds of bills in the market. After the sister pro-tested a variety of models, I still feel that Alipay is easy to use.

Each payment made through Alipay can be automatically and synchronously recorded on the book, which bank card specifically indicates how much, which category is the most expensive, and the end of month accounts should not be too convenient.

Occasionally WeChat pays a few pennies, or other cash expenses, for manual recording.

2. Visa Processing (Alipay Home - City Services - Visa)

It is not easy for the working party to go abroad to play.

You rest, the certification agency also breaks. Please take a look. It's a hassle.

Ma Dad was very close to him.

3. Contract Services (Alipay - City Services - Government Affairs - Contract Services)

Alipay provides common contract styles. You only need to fill out the key information of both parties.

The most commonly used should be the place where the contract goes and where the contract goes.

There are also functions such as call voice, webpage authentication, and forensic authentication. This has to be studied.

Write this can not help but sigh, ah, Omnipotent Alipay ah. Money protection is available. You said you want to do it? !

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