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These 4 major practical credit card tips, the card family must know!
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I have applied for a lot of credit cards, but there is no big credit card, which will inevitably make others feel very depressed. At this time, the credit card withdrawal amount is very necessary!

I have applied for a lot of credit cards, but there is no big credit card, which will inevitably make others feel very depressed. At this time, the credit card withdrawal amount is very necessary!

For the credit card Xiaobai, Xiaobian summed up the tips of several credit card withdrawals, the following will help you analyze and analyze ~

First, actively swipe

Under normal circumstances, where credit cards can be used, credit cards should be used for credit card transactions. The number of credit card transactions is higher. The bank will think that you have good spending power. Plus repayment on time, after a while, the bank will think that you are a quality customer, then your credit card quota will be improved from time to time!

Second, the point merchant

There are a lot of merchants on the market now, but Xiaobian here is to explain that not all merchants have credit points for credit cards. POS machines like wholesale merchants are capped rate machines, and credit card credits have no points. Here, try to choose a POS merchant with points to trade. In this case, the bank can earn more fees, and if the bank can earn a fee, the bank is happy to help you with the amount!

Third, the temporary amount

Now basically all credit cards have no way to increase the fixed amount, basically the temporary amount is increased. Because if you can't even mention the temporary amount, the fixed amount will be even more unnecessary. Nowadays, many banks can increase the temporary quota after basically using the card for about 3 months. If the temporary quota can be mentioned, the fixed amount of the credit card can naturally be improved after using it several times!

Fourth, appropriate staging

In fact, if you use a credit card for staging, the bank can make money. Banks like you very much in staging. Therefore, after using the credit card for a period of time, properly make a staging, so that the bank feels that you can make money on you. At this time, even if you do not apply, the bank will help you to raise the amount!

The above is the four ways to improve the credit card limit, I hope to help you.

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