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This 4 practical credit card withdrawal tips, play card owners must know!
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A lot of credit cards were applied for, but a large number of credit cards were not available, which inevitably made others feel very depressed. At this time, the amount of the credit card will become very necessary!

A lot of credit cards were applied for, but a large number of credit cards were not available, which inevitably made others feel very depressed. At this time, the amount of the credit card will become very necessary!

For small white credit cards, Xiao Bian summed up a few tips for credit card withdrawals, the following will help you analyze ~

One, active card

Under normal circumstances, where credit cards can be used, credit cards should be used as much as possible for credit card transactions. The bank will think you have good spending power. In addition, on time, the bank will think that you are a good customer, and your credit card quota will be improved from time to time!

Second, points merchant

There are a lot of businesses on the market today, but Xiao Bian has to explain here that not all merchants have credit for credit card credits. The POS machines like wholesale merchants are capped rate machines, and credit card credits do not have credits. Here, we must try to choose POS merchants with points to conduct transactions. In this case, the bank can earn more fees, and if the bank can earn commissions, the bank is happy to help you with the amount!

Third, the temporary amount

Now basically all credit cards have no way to increase the fixed amount, and basically all of them are temporary quotas. Because if you can't even mention the temporary quotas, you don't even have to think about fixed quotas. Now many banks can raise their temporary limit after basically using the card for the first time in about 3 months. If the temporary limit can be raised, the credit limit can be increased.

IV. Proper staging

In fact, if you use a credit card for a split period, the bank can make money. The bank is very fond of your staging. So, after using a credit card for a period of time, it is appropriate to set a stage so that the bank can feel that it can make money on you. Even if you do not apply, the bank will take the initiative to help you raise the amount!

These are the four methods for raising credit card limits summarized by Xiao Bian. I hope I can help you.

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