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Applying for a credit card is rejected because you are poor!
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Applying for a credit card is rejected because you are poor!

The application for a credit card was rejected. I'm afraid that our reply is: There is not enough comprehensive score.

Perhaps few people know exactly where they are lacking. Some people may say that it must be economically weak.

In fact, it may not necessarily be. In addition to the economy, the bank will integrate many other aspects. Of course, there are still some of our personal factors, such as incorrect information.

Personal factors: wrong choice of first card

The choice of a credit card is very important. Selecting a card or gold card is easier than a platinum card. Choosing a commercial bank is easier than a state-owned bank.

For example, if you just work, you have to apply for a platinum card or a higher-level card, so the chance of being rejected is obviously greater. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for a card from a card or a gold card, and then try to apply for a card with a platinum card or more. This will increase the success rate.

Personal factors: incorrect information

Originally, you can use your confidence to apply for a successful card. However, why is it possible to apply for success by making mistakes in the wrong way?

Xiao Bian's colleagues personally experienced that in applying for the bank's credit card, filling in the annual salary was mistakenly filled out as a monthly salary, it seems like there is a problem after the submission, and at this time has received a bank sent a text message rejected, 5555... That's it?

NO! The story did not end. Eight days later, this colleague still chose Guangfa Bank and continued to fill in the application information. This time filling in was very serious. Then, the surprise really came!

External factors: Location without bank outlets

Which bank's credit card you want to apply for, the first thing to look for is whether or not there is a local bank outlet.

In general, state-owned banks have more outlets. Each city has outlets, while commercial banks are different. In many areas, there are no outlets, and this will be a relative disadvantage.

Because most credit cards are now applied for, most banks need to sign on the banks. Some banks need to sign the cards before deciding whether or not to approve the cards. If your city does not have such a bank, the possibility of rejection will be greater.

External factors: It is not easy to get stuck in remote areas

In remote areas, or rural areas, in the eyes of most people, farmers generally have unstable income and poor economic conditions. Therefore, applying for credit cards is also relatively difficult.

The single job is stable, many of them are difficult to achieve, so if you go to the bank application will be directly rejected.

However, in rural areas, it is actually not the case, or can not be generalized. Many people have sufficient ability and ability, and have strong repayment ability.

Therefore, many intermediary agencies have been derived from so-called “agent credit cards” and they promised not to charge cards without fees. Some also charge fees in various names. In short, they are not credible!

Three people without credit card application skills:

How do three people apply for a credit card to be able to give a certain amount of credit, according to the guidance of friend friends in the bank work, to tell you today, in the absence of a fixed unit without a car without the situation of the three without, how to apply for a credit card, the most The main few people should pay special attention when filling out the materials.

The requirements for applying for bank credit cards have three regulatory conditions: fixed work, stable income, and good credit information.

For a card friend who has a stable job, a fixed income, and a certain amount of financial resources, applying for a credit card is not difficult. But changing to “three non-employees” who have no job, no income, and no assets, is almost as difficult as applying for a credit card.

Three without credit card for filling in the work unit related matters:

1, the work unit is best to fill in large companies (e-payment category, insurance industry, financial industry, direct sales, high-risk industries, the sales category is best not to fill in, otherwise seconds to reject).

Assuming that your credit information is problematic, there is no work or credit, and all aspects of the conditions are not met by the conditions of the bank's application. What should be done?

The fast track application card, low-interest high-end loans, second-second batches are not so distant. Packaging qualification is gate technology.

Xiao Bian fought for a few years in the financial industry, has a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge and skills, after analysis and finishing.

2. If you have applied for a credit card from another bank in the near future, be sure to fill in the previous application unit. If you change it, the bank will think that you are unstable.

3, fill in the annual salary, it is best to fill in a 5 - 10w yuan annual salary of the people

4, fill in the city, work unit. The address of the unit and the address of the apartment must be the same city.

5. Pay attention to the fact that there are rooms in the optional items filled with cars as much as possible

6. Ms. White is more likely to approve cards than men, with higher credit.

7. If it is conditional, it is best to call out credit documents and fill in the information on the credit report.

Then there is the card. For example, XX once applied for a credit card at the original workplace. Although there is currently no work, it is still possible to reapply for a credit card through the use of a card.

How do you do it?

1. Before using a card to set up a card, the cardholder needs to first check the current state of the existing credit card in the central bank's credit check system to see if there are any bad records. If the credit history is good, you can continue to apply for the steps!

Next, the cardholder needs to ask whether the bank can support the card-based card application method. Not every bank supports card-based card management, and each bank's request is different.

For example, if the Bank of China holds his bank card for more than three months, he can apply for it. For example, the Bank of Communications may hold a bank card for more than one year to apply at the counter. Commercial Guangfa Bank can use his bank's credit card for more than six months to apply at the counter, and he will not speak one by one.

The application for card is much simpler than the application for communication card. The cardholder only needs to bring the original personal identification card and the original credit card to stop at the bank outlet.

2, those who have a fixed job, have to say, you accounted for a big advantage. Prove your job copy, prepare your payroll card, and the victory rate is much higher!

3, those who are free to work, even the wages are paid in cash, Xiaobian initiative you can make my own bank flow. One day a month will be my salary will be deposited on the debit card, after six months your debit card water can be used as your application card to apply for cards!

Then, what should the three personnel have to pay attention to in winning the card?

First of all, don't think about applying for high-end credit cards, platinum cards, and gold cards. Choose a low-level Puka, easy-to-use and easy to apply, with a high rate of victory.

Secondly, I chose the bank where I have water (or city commercial banks that often use debit cards). After all, my own small treasury is here, and assets prove to be abundant!

【Exclusive manuscript and disclaimer】All works and any media or individual that indicate “Furong 360” source are reproduced in whole or in part. Please indicate the source(360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article only provide users with reference and do not constitute investment advice.

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