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Applying for a credit card is rejected, not because you are poor!
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Applying for a credit card is rejected, not because you are poor!

The application for a credit card was rejected. I am afraid that the reply we received was: insufficient comprehensive score.

Perhaps, few people know at all what is wrong, some people will say that it must be insufficient economic strength.

In fact, it is not necessarily that, in addition to the economic aspect, banks will integrate many other aspects. Of course, there are some that are caused by our personal factors, such as incorrect information filling.

Personal factors: the first card selection error

The choice of credit card is very important. It is easier to choose a Puka or Gold card than a Platinum card. It is relatively easy to choose a commercial bank than a state-owned bank.

For example, if you just want to apply for a Platinum card or a higher-level card, you will obviously be rejected. Therefore, it is recommended to apply from Puka and Gold, and then try to apply for a Platinum card and above. This kind of success rate will be even greater.

Personal factors: incorrect information filling

Originally, I was confident that I could successfully apply for a card. However, I was so sloppy that I filled out the information incorrectly. How can I apply for success?

Xiaobian's colleagues personally experienced that when applying for the credit card of Guangfa Bank, the wrong salary was filled in for the monthly salary when filling out the annual salary. It seems that there is a problem after submitting it. At this time, the rejected SMS sent by the bank has been received, 5555... Is it? Is that over?

NO! The story didn't end. After 8 days, the colleague still chose Guangfa Bank and continued to fill in the application information. This time, the filling was very serious. Then, the surprise is really coming!

External factors: no bank outlets

The first thing you want to see is which bank's credit card you want to apply for.

Generally, there are many outlets of state-owned banks. Each city has a distribution of outlets, while commercial banks are different. In many areas, there are no outlets, which will be relatively disadvantageous.

Because nowadays, most of the credit cards are required to go to the bank for signing. Some banks need to sign the visa first to decide whether to approve the card. If you do not have the bank in your city, the possibility of rejection is greater.

External factors: not easy to get off the card in remote areas

In remote areas, or rural areas, in the eyes of most people, farmers generally have unstable incomes and poor economic conditions, so it is relatively difficult to apply for credit cards.

The stability of work alone, many of them are difficult to achieve, so if you go to the bank to apply will be directly rejected.

However, in the present rural areas, this is not the case, or it cannot be generalized. Many people have sufficient ability to be capable and have strong repayment ability.

Therefore, a number of so-called "agent credit card" agencies have been derived, and promised not to charge the card, and some charges in various names, in short, not credible!

Three no-person credit card application skills:

How can a three-person person apply for a credit card to be able to give a certain amount of credit, according to the guidance of friends and friends working in the bank, today I will tell you how to apply for a credit card in the absence of a fixed unit without a car and no car. The main items are to be paid special attention when filling out the materials.

There are three standard conditions for applying for bank credit card requirements: fixed work, stable income, and good credit.

For card friends who have stable jobs, fixed income, and financial resources, applying for a credit card is not difficult. However, if you change to a “three no-person” who has no job, no income, or no assets, it is almost impossible to apply for a credit card.

Three no credit card for filling in the work unit related matters:

1, the work unit is best to fill out large companies (avoid payment, insurance, financial industry, direct sales, high-risk industries, sales are best not to fill out, otherwise refused).

Suppose you have a problem with your credit, no job or credit, and all the conditions are not up to the conditions of the bank application. What should I do?

Fast-track calling cards, low-interest loans, and seconds are not so far-fetched. Packaging qualification is a door technology.

Xiaobian has been in the financial industry for a few years, and has a certain understanding of relevant knowledge and skills, after analysis and finishing.

2. If you have applied for a credit card from another bank in the near future, you must fill in the previous application for this application. If you change it, the bank will think that you are unstable.

3, fill in the annual salary, it is best to fill in the annual salary of 5-10w yuan

4, the city fills in, the work unit. The unit address and the residential address must be in the same city, the closer the better

5, pay attention to, fill in the room with the car as much as possible

6. Ms. Pure White is easier to approve than men, and the amount is higher.

7. If there are conditions, it is best to call up the credit receipt and fill in the information on the credit report.

Then I will use the card to do the card. For example, XX once applied for a credit card in the original work unit. Although there is no work at present, the card can be re-applied as a card.

So how to operate?

1. Before the card is used to handle the card, the cardholder needs to first check the application status of the existing credit card in the central bank's credit information system to see if there is any bad record. If the credit is well documented, you can continue the application process!

Next, the cardholder needs to consult whether the bank can support the application method of card-issuing cards. Not every bank supports card-issuing cards, and each bank's request is different.

For example, the Bank of China can apply for a credit card for more than 3 months. For example, the Bank of Communications can apply for a credit card for more than one year. Commercial Guangfa Bank can apply for a credit card for more than 6 months to apply at the counter, and it will not be said one by one.

The application for the card is much simpler than the application for the communication card. The cardholder only needs to carry the original personal ID card and the original credit card to the bank outlet to stop processing.

2. Those who have a fixed job have to say that you have a big advantage. Put a copy of your work certificate, prepare your salary card, and the victory rate will be much higher!

3, those who are self-employed, even the wages are issued in cash, Xiaobian initiative you can make a bank flow. I will deposit my salary into the debit card once a month, and after half a year, your debit card will be able to apply for your card as a card.

So what should be paid attention to when the three no-persons win the card?

First of all, don't think about applying for high-end credit cards, Platinum cards, or gold cards. Choose a low-grade Puka, easy to apply, and the victory rate is also high.

Secondly, choose the bank where I have running water (or a city commercial bank that often uses debit cards). After all, my small treasury is here, and the assets are proved to be powerful!

[Exclusive Manuscript and Disclaimer] Any work that indicates the source of “Fu 360”, any media and individuals reproduced in whole or in part, please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.

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