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Be careful with your WeChat wallet! Learn to make your money safer

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Protect your WeChat wallet.

WeChat has a lot of hidden features ~

However, the new skills that we would like to share with you this time can actually guard everyone's property safety.

WeChat transfer message

I don’t know if you’re using WeChat to pay and you have no experience of going to the wrong money.

When he discovered, he had no choice but to contact the recipient.

In fact, [WeChat payment] is a message function.

You can find him in [WeChat Payment] → [WeChat Payment Voucher] → [Contact Payee].

Within 24 hours of the transaction, bad friends can leave a message via [Contact Payee]. However, a transaction record can only leave a message once.

After receiving the message, the recipient can reply directly to you.

I used to shop in the store. After a few hours, I found out that the backpack had landed in the store. This was the way the store owner contacted the store owner to confirm that the backpack was back in the supermarket.

Friendship reminds everyone that this message does not have much restrictions on the number of characters.

If you make a mistake and can completely write an 800-word move to China, use the power of language to let the recipient return the money to you.

WeChat wallet encryption

Next, I want to talk to you about the encryption of the WeChat Wallet.

Did the wealthy friends feel that by opening [WeChat] and clicking [Purse], you can view your purchase history, which is a very insecure thing.

In fact, we can set the password to encrypt [wallet].

Everyone clicks on the “Tian character grid” symbol in the upper right corner to enter [Payment security]

You can add a [fingerprint lock] or [gesture password] to [wallet] later.Never worry about female/boyfriend checking my transaction history. . .

Tencent Report Acceptance Center

Next, introduce a WeChat official app to the rich friends [Tencent Report Acceptance Center]

Whether it is [WeChat] or [QQ], bad friends have encountered online fraud, online marketing, information trafficking, pornography, and civil infringement. . .

All these disputes can be filed in the Tencent Report Acceptance Center.

Of course, it is recommended that when complaints are made, the dispute should be written as much as possible during the chat process.

If there is a loss of property, write down the amount, time, and method of payment. It is best to upload chat screenshots as a powerful certificate.

However, this small program is only one of the channels for everyone to safeguard their rights. If the loss is huge, it is recommended to go to the police station to prepare a case!

Because Tencent's returned funds need to be reported to the receipt, if the fraudsters succeed immediately and then sell the number, it is basically impossible to catch up.

Set the arrival time

Finally, the financial friends are supplemented with a supplementary skill to prevent WeChat scams.

If the financial friends are not sure whether the WeChat deal is a scam. You can set a transfer time for the transfer in [wallet] by clicking on the word field in the upper right corner → [payment management].

However, it should be noted that setting the time of arrival does not allow us to withdraw the transaction. It will only delay the arrival time of the other party.

However, if the other party is a liar, it also helps us delay valuable time.

These are some tips for protecting the property safety of WeChat. We hope to help everyone.

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