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Five credits for credit card withdrawals, one big credit card in minutes!
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I believe that basically everyone will have more than one credit card, 1-3 of them, and 7-8 of them. Credit cards have become the latest form of consumption for the moment.

I believe that basically everyone will have more than one credit card, 1-3 of them, and 7-8 of them. Credit cards have become the latest form of consumption for the moment.

And a large credit card can help us solve many economic problems. But not everyone will have a large credit card. Some people have a high amount of credit, but some people have a low credit card limit. What causes this difference?

Xiao Finance believes that this difference is mainly due to different methods of use.

Xiao Bian summed up a few small methods that are conducive to the amount of the amount, please listen to Xiaobian’s way below~

Card cancellation

This method is suitable for you to use the credit card after a period of time, you can call the phone to cancel the card, usually after you use this method, the bank will use the amount of the amount to attract you to retain the customer, this time you can The opportunity to explain to the bank the request you want to raise, usually the result bank will help your credit card to raise the amount!


Generally speaking, if the credit card wants to raise the amount, you can properly grasp the appropriate time to raise the amount. The choice of this time is very important. You can try to apply on the billing day or when the credit limit is used up. This method is most effective.

Large amount of water

If your credit card is low, you can use a large amount of water to operate your credit card. Here is an example. If your credit card limit is only 5000, you can try to save 1~2W into it and then brush it out. After repeated operations. Call the bank again to explain that your card is relatively large and you need to raise the amount. The bank will agree to your demand for the amount.

Minimum repayment

If the credit card amount is not high and you need to increase the amount, you can try to choose the minimum repayment amount when repaying. Then, you can apply directly to the bank to indicate that your economy is in the midst of recent tensions, you need to increase the amount, and you choose the minimum repayment, the bank can get interest in it, and then apply for the amount. Banks will meet your needs!

Proof of assets

In the case of a good economic situation, you can try to show your bank proof of your assets, and provide more proof of your funds. If you have a certain deposit in your savings card, it will be much faster for the amount, because only the offer With the proof of assets, the bank will believe that you have the ability to repay, giving the bank room for profit.

These are just a few of the ways in which small financial summaries can increase credits. I hope it will help you.

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