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Simple and rude! Teach you to increase your loan limit to 100,000+

Edit: Catherine Source: Leopard has money Date: 2018-05-08


How can we increase the amount of debits?

Speaking of the second paragraph, I borrowed the second person who dared to say the first, but the only thing that bothered people was the quota. How can we increase the amount of debits?


Take the initiative to apply for a lift

If you often use ants to borrow, and use it in full and repay on time, the ants will take the initiative to give you an entrance to apply for the amount of money, click [upgrade] to easily raise the amount, so easy~

However, the actual amount of the increase, then look at the system judged, you may apply for tens of thousands of quotas, but only a few thousand is also possible.


System automatic derating

1. Stick to Alipay and stay active

The official has responded “The more active Alipay is, the more help the ants are to increase the amount of money.” If you want to raise the amount, in the case of all the scanable payment, sweep the merchant QR code to pay! From supermarket convenience stores to eating stalls, restaurants, online shopping, ant wealth management, living payment and credit card repayment, you can get it through General Alipay. Even if you don't spend money, open the ant forest every day and steal energy is good. Xiaoyan started a "earning" energy every morning, hahaha, occasionally watering.

(official answer)

2, the full use of Alipay

From the above picture, we can see that the official said that "borrowing is a comprehensive evaluation", will not only evaluate a certain aspect, and the excellent performance of one aspect will not make the amount of ants borrowing higher.

Therefore, nothing to offer love, donate with Alipay's love; use Taobao ticket to buy and buy movie tickets; use word-of-mouth take-out; fly pig travel, Ali short-term rent, ant insurance can be used in general, in order to raise the amount, fight.

3. Maintain good credit

Actively and frequently use the flower buds and borrow money to ensure that you can repay your money on time. The ants can feel your sincerity and repayment ability, and the amount can be expected.

Try not to repay in advance, because on the one hand, early repayment will make the ants borrow less interest, and also explain from the side that your loan demand is not so strong, it may be derated.

Don't believe that some ads that give money can help you raise money, are liar! Is my father’s app 操纵 manipulative? The above method will be effective as long as it persists~

The most comprehensive strategy to raise the amount of the loan to 50,000, pay attention to: the financial notes, reply to the "borrowing" to obtain.

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