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Simple and crude! Teach you to raise your credit limit to 100000+

Edit: Catherine Source: Leopard has money Date: 2018-05-08


How can we increase the amount of lending?

Speaking of the next second, I would like to say that no one dares to say the first, but the only thing that is troublesome is the quota. How can we increase the amount of lending?


Take the initiative and apply for the amount

If you often use ants to borrow money, and use it in full and on time, ants will take the initiative to give you an entrance to apply for the amount of the amount, and you can easily raise the amount by clicking [Raise Amount], so easy~

However, how much is actually referred to, then all depends on the system's judgment. It may be that you have applied for tens of thousands of credits, but only a few thousand are also possible.


System automatically raises the amount

1, insist on using Alipay, keep active

Officials have responded "The more active Alipay, the greater the help the ants can get by raising their quota." If you want to raise your bill, if you can afford to pay, you can use the QR code to pay! From supermarket convenience stores to eating stalls, restaurants, online shopping, ant banking, life payments and credit card repayments, through the general Alipay to get. Even if you don't spend money, open the ant forest every day, and steal energy is good. Xiao Xiao started to “scrape” energy every morning. Hahaha occasionally watered.

(Official answer)

2, full use of Alipay

From the above figure, we can see that the official saying “it is a comprehensive assessment” and will not only assess only one aspect. The excellent performance of one aspect will not allow the ants to increase their quota.

Therefore, there is nothing to offer love, donate with the love of Alipay, buy movie tickets with Taobao tickets, use word-of-mouth services to sell food, and use pigtails, Ali short-term rentals, and ant insurance for general use.

3, maintain good credit

Actively use the flowers and borrow money to ensure that you repay on time. Ants feel your sincerity and repayment ability. The amount is expected to be ~

Try not to repay the loan in advance, because on the one hand, early repayment will allow the ants to earn less interest, and from the side that your loan demand is not so strong, it may be deducted.

Don't believe that some ads that can give you money will be a fraud! Ma Da's APP is something ordinary people can manipulate? The above method, as long as it is adhered to will be effective ~

Raise the credit limit to 50,000 for the most complete Raiders, pay attention to: Confidence notes, reply "get through" access.

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