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This current product is against the sky, 365 days with the deposit, the day of interest

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This current product is against the sky, the principal is guaranteed, 365 days with the deposit, the interest on the day, the yield 甩Yu BaoA few streets.

Last week, Yu'e has a good news. In addition to the Tianhong Yubao Money Fund, it has introduced two new money funds, namely Boss Cash Revenue Currency A and Central European Rolling Money A, except for the limit. In addition to the time limit, the original balance treasure function remains unchanged.

This means that in the future, when we put the money in the balance treasure, we will no longer need to make an alarm at 9:00 every morning to buy it, and we will not be subject to the maximum holding limit of 100,000 yuan. This is a great news for Alipay and Yu's loyalty.

In addition, Rong 360 financial analysts looked at the income of these two money funds, Boss cash income currency A's income is generally, the recent year's income is only 3.76%, but the income of China Europe's money money A in the past year is 4.18%, It is higher than 4.04% of Tianhong Yubao's currency.

In recent years, the baby financial management represented by Yu'ebao has brought great convenience to everyone. The threshold is low, the risk is low, the income is much higher than the bank's demand deposit, and it is free to use. If there is a sum of money in hand, it will not be used for the time being. Or you need to prepare some liquidity funds, then this money is suitable for your baby's wealth management.

However, today's 360 financial analysts are talking about another current product, although not a money fund, but a product that is more powerful than the money fund, that is, "Fuminbao" in Jingdong Finance's "Bank +". Fuminbao was issued by Fumin Bank, and Jingdong Finance is a sales platform.

Let me introduce you to the three major advantages of Fuminbao:

  1. The principal guarantee

Fuminbao's starting point for purchase is 50 yuan, which is close to the threshold of 0 for the bank's time deposit threshold. In fact, the underlying assets of Fuminbao are deposits. It is an innovative deposit product launched by Fumin Bank. Every money you deposit corresponds to a 5-year term deposit.

Although you are buying a time deposit, the funds can be withdrawn at any time. After you withdraw, there will be others to buy, which is equivalent to the transfer of income rights.

Everyone knows that Yu'ebao is not guaranteed, and all monetary funds are not guaranteed, but bank deposits are guaranteed and safer. Fuminbao is essentially a deposit. Although it is not protected by deposit insurance regulations, it can still be Guaranteed, security is very high.

  2. Interest rate 4.7%

Fuminbao's current interest rate is 4.7%. If you can hold it for 5 years, the interest rate can reach 4.8%. According to the data monitored by 360, the average seven-day annualized rate of return of Internet baby products last week was only 4.25%, of which only 3.97% of the balance treasure, the income of Fuminbao has to be a few streets for these baby financial management.

However, it should be noted that Fuminbao's original income is only 4.2%, and the interest rate will increase to 4.7% from April 25. In fact, this 0.5% interest rate increase is equivalent to the subsidy of the platform to investors, it is time-limited, and it is uncertain as to when it will end.

The current period of Weizhong Bank + when it was first launched in August 2015, Weizhong Bank also gave subsidies. The annualized rate of return on the 7th was above 5.2%, while the 7-day annualized rate of return of the balance period was not yet To 3.5%. However, it is estimated that after two months, the current period + will restore the normal income level.

However, the 360 ​​financial analysts want to say that now buy can still enjoy 4.7% of the income, even if it drops to 4.2% later, the rate of return is not low, similar to the money fund.

  3, 365 days with the deposit, the day of interest

If you buy Fuminbao before 23:50, you can bear interest on the same day, while the current money fund is T+1 interest rate, and the T inside refers to "working day", if you encounter weekends or holidays, The value date should be postponed. For example, if you buy it on the Spring Festival and the National Day, you may have to pay for ten days.

The advantage of Fuminbao is very obvious. Regardless of whether it is a holiday or a weekend, there is no restriction on purchase before 15:00. It is easy to get the money in 365 days.

in conclusion,Compared with the money fund, Fuminbao has higher security, higher returns and higher liquidity.

Today's connected financial institutions are simply awkward, and the speed of product innovation is too fast, and it is in line with market development and caters to investors' needs.

The introduction of new rules for asset management in the previous period required all financial management products of financial institutions to break the rigid redemption. That is to say, almost all financial products except deposits and government bonds in the market are almost unprotected. This is conservative. Investors are a blow, but Fuminbao products can meet the needs of these investors.

Rong 360 financial analysts believe that the biggest advantage of Fuminbao is not security and benefits. After all, the security and profitability of the money fund are also similar. The biggest advantage of Fuminbao is that in addition to high security and profitability, It is very powerful to be able to bear interest on the day.

In fact, there are still a lot of current wealth management money than the balance treasure, pay attention to the WeChat public number: financial notes, reply to the "live" view.

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