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This current product is in reverse, with 365 days to follow, and interest is calculated on the same day.

Edit: Lisa Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2018-05-07


This current product is against the sky, the principal protection, 365 days with the cash, with interest on the day, yield rejectionYu BaoSeveral streets.

Last week, Yu He Bao had a good news, that is, in addition to the Tianhong Yu Bao Foreign Currency Fund, he introduced two new money funds, namely, when the Bo cash income currency A and the Central European Qian Bao Bao currency A, in addition to unlimited Unlimited hours, the original balance treasure feature remains unchanged.

This also means that when we later put the money in the balance of treasure, no longer need to set an alarm every morning at 9 o'clock to buy, and do not have to limit the maximum holding limit of 100,000 yuan. This is a great news for Paypal and Yu's loyalty.

In addition, Rongrong Financial Analyst viewed the income of these two money funds. Bo’s cash income and currency A’s gains were normal. The gains in the recent year were only 3.76%, but the gains of China Euromoney’s currency A in recent years was 4.18%. It is higher than 4.04% of Tianhong Yubao currency.

In recent years, baby finance represented by YUN Bao has indeed brought great convenience to everyone. The threshold is low, the risk is low, and the income is much higher than the bank's current deposits. With the deposit, if you have a sum of money, you will not use it for the time being. , or need to prepare some liquidity funds, then the money in the baby's financial management is no longer appropriate.

However, today's 360 financial analysts are talking about another current product. Although not a money fund, a product that is more powerful than a money fund is the “rich banker” in Jingdong Financial's “Bank +”. Fuminbao is issued by Fumin Bank and Jingdong Finance is a sales agency platform.

Here are three advantages of Fuminbao:

  1, the principal guarantee

Fuminbao's purchase starting point is 50 yuan, which is similar to the bank's fixed deposit threshold, close to 0 threshold. In fact, the underlying asset of Fuminbao is deposit. It is an innovative deposit product launched by Fumin Bank. Each money you deposit corresponds to a 5-year fixed deposit.

Although you buy a time deposit, you can withdraw your funds at any time. After you withdraw, you will be bought by others, which is equivalent to the transfer of income rights.