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Calculate how much pension you can receive after retirement?

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In the past, pensions have been a very important source of income for the elderly.

Pensions, some people regard it as a guarantee of old age, some people call it a Ponzi scheme.

I do not recognize these two views.


The rules of the pension game are very simple.

Based on your average salary of the previous year, you pay 8% each month, and your company pays 12%.

As long as you accumulate for 15 years and reach the statutory retirement age, you can adopt an old pension.

As with health insurance, pensions are also divided into individual account pensions and basic pensions.

Let me talk about personal account pensions.

In fact, the 8% we handed in was placed in an account and issued monthly after retirement.

Assuming that Liu had a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, he began to work at the age of 25 and retire at the age of 60. The middle salary has not changed.

When he retired, he paid a total of 168,000 yuan.

As soon as the government calculated, it was found that after retire at the age of 60, the average person could live another 139 months.

To use the money in the old Liu account divided by 139, the personal pension that he can receive each month is 1208.63 yuan.

And so on, if old Liu is unlucky, did he retire after two months?

It does not matter that the money that has not been sent out in the account can be taken away by the heir at one time.

If old Liu is still alive after 139 months?

Do not worry, this money will continue to send.

Let me talk about basic pensions.

Basic pension = (month of my retirement, the average monthly wage of employees in the province in the previous year + my index monthly average salary)/2 × payment term × 1%

The formula is quite complicated. I direct the focus:

The pension is linked directly to the salary level of your retirement location. If you handed over social security in a developed city, try to retire in your area.

The higher your salary and the longer the payment period, the more pensions you have.

Pensions are of the nature of “robbing the rich and helping the poor” and paying a particularly high pension is not worthwhile.

We give a very common example.

A person with a monthly salary of 5,000, working from the age of 25 to 60, retire if his income is similar to the local average salary.

Regardless of the impact of rising wages and inflation, the basic pension he can receive at retirement is 1,750 yuan.

With a personal pension of 1208.63 yuan, he can receive nearly 3,000 yuan in total.

To sum up, if your income is similar to the local average salary, and pay 35 years of pension, you can probably receive 55% of the in-service salary - 65%.


Our ancestors and fathers do indeed enjoy the benefits of pensions.

My grandfather started working in 1958 and had a salary of only 600 yuan in retirement in 1999.

Last month, he received a pension of 3014 yuan.

Many people say that if I don’t pay for old age I can save how much money.

Not to mention that you can't decide whether or not to pay this money yourself.

Most people's lives are hard and hectic. Today, children need to make up classes and the elderly will see a doctor tomorrow.

Any small thing will delay your plan to save money and pension.

Even if your perseverance is amazing, you really save yourself a lot every month. Can the money in your hands outperform inflation?

In the past, pensions have been a very important source of income for the elderly.

However, people who retire after 2022 may not have such good luck.

The essence of the pension is to use the old-age pension paid by the young people to pay pensions for the old people.

China’s demographic dividend has rapidly disappeared and aging has come.

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be 1 old person over 60 years old out of every 3 people.

The speed of paying money obviously can not keep up with the speed of money.

Will the pension collapse?

My opinion is that there is not a large probability. After all, there are too many people involved, but the shrinking of treatment is inevitable.

Two methods: delay retirement, reduce the amount of pension payments.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences has spoken, and delayed retirement is the earliest implementation from 2022.

Well, female workers born after 1972, female cadres born after 1967, and male workers born after 1962 are all affected.

Delaying retirement is not as simple as a two-year class for parents.

Not only do you pay more for social security, you have fewer pensions for several years, and you also disrupt some of your original life plans.

My friend is complaining because his mother may delay retirement and have children for a few years.

From 2005 to 2015, pensions rose by more than 10% each year.

By 2016, the gains fell by 6.5%.

This year's pension increase is only 5.5%.

Under continuous shortfalls, the future will not rise, I am afraid that is a problem.

Under the premise of inflation, pensions do not rise, it is a decrease in disguise.

The longer you grow up, the more you understand that the strength of your individual is small in front of the times.

Perhaps one day in the future, the material is extremely rich, and we no longer need to worry about the pension.

But putting hope in the unpredictable future is too dangerous.

As winter approaches, we must prepare for the elderly.

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