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College students owe "campus loan" to be forced to take nude photos: too want to buy a new mobile phone

Time: 2018-04-29         Source: China Youth Daily         Author: China Youth Daily

Not long ago, the winter vacation was not calm for the 19-year-old Yangzhou girl Zhang Fan (pseudonym). In the last semester, she owed more than 10,000 yuan of “campus loan”. In order to repay the interest, she borrowed money several times and was finally photographed by the borrower.

A few days ago, the reporter found that the local public security departments are jointly acting to investigate and supervise the phenomenon of suspected violations and violations of law on campus online loans in an unprecedented manner to avoid further tragedies.

"It's too much to buy a new phone."

At the end of 2017, watching the classmates hold a cool mobile phone one by one, Zhang Fan thought about changing the new mobile phone to "greet the New Year", but she only has three or four hundred yuan of pocket money per month, for the new mobile phone when buying It’s a glass of water.

She thought of "campus loan." On January 7th, under the introduction of a friend, she contacted a middleman who was engaged in “campus loan”. This middleman is also a college student.

This college student "infested" in the QQ group active in various university campuses, Zhang Fan does not know the real name of the other party, just heard that this person is responsible for college student loans.

At noon that day, in the Internet cafe near the school, Zhang Fanru met with the middleman, and an intermediary who claimed to be “specialized in making loans” also came together.

Ji Mou introduced the loan process to her in detail, but Zhang Fan was hesitant to think about the “campus loan” news that he had been paying attention to. When the season saw something, she asked her to talk to the lender in person.

At 5 pm on the same day, Zhang Fan met with the lender Li Liang (pseudonym), who was then taken to an investment company located in Luohe Street, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou.

This office with only 50 square meters, several tables and sofas made her remember deeply. The company’s first impression was that she was “not very formal”. “Two middle-aged people in their 30s are not serious at first glance. people."

During the exchange, the lender was very enthusiastic about Zhang Fan and guaranteed that the loan would not go wrong. "We are serious businessmen, we will not ask for money." The other party told Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan still had concerns, and the lenders took out some borrowings. These borrowers were all college students with her. "Each piece of debit has a signature and a red handprint, and an amount even reaches 60,000 yuan." Zhang Fan recalled.

At the beginning, Zhang Fan planned to borrow 3,000 yuan, but the actual operation is not so simple. Additional fees such as door-to-door fees and agency fees total 3,000 yuan, which are counted in the principal.

She calculated that she had to repay 420 yuan per week, and the principal and interest must be repaid within one month.

For the 3,000 yuan principal that has no reason for no reason, Zhang Fanyi began to argue with reason, but Li Liang put on a gesture of "love not borrowing, not borrowing people."

Hesitantly and repeatedly, Zhang Fan still agreed. “It’s too much to buy a new phone,” she said.

Li Liang took out an arrears with a loan amount of 35,000 yuan and asked Zhang Fan to "sign and draw."

He explained: "There are a lot of students who have no money at the end. We only do this to protect the interests of the company. It will not really cost 35,000 yuan."

At first, Zhang Fan was also worried about the other party's "fraud", but she was tempted by the new mobile phone, and the lender was more than an hour of "soft-hardening", she finally signed the debt and took a photo of the hand-held ID card.

On the spot, she got 3,000 yuan in cash. The next day, a mobile phone with more than 2,500 yuan was ready.

Naked "trap"

The fresh energy of the "new mobile phone" has not been in the past few days. The time for repaying interest for the first time has arrived. For Zhang Fan, the money borrowed before and the living expenses are running low. In desperation, on January 14, she came here again. The home investment company wants to borrow another 1,500 yuan to solve the "immediately urgent".

This time, only Li Liang is in the office. After understanding the situation, he immediately used WeChat to transfer the money to Zhang Fan, but asked Zhang Fan to "take up the nude photos." At that time, Zhang Fan was scared and stood there dumbly, at a loss, "the brain is blank."

In order to dispel doubts, Li Liang took three photos and told her that these were all borrowed from girls and promised not to be rumored. "These photos are all full-body photos, three points are all exposed, and the face is exposed." Zhang Fan recalled.

"Give you another minute to consider, either pay back the money now, or take a photo." Zhang Fan said that the other party suddenly changed completely.

At this time, she found that the doors and windows of the office were locked, and the curtains were not known when they were pulled.

Seeing that Zhang Fan still didn't talk, Li Liang's tone began to become very fierce. He also threatened: "If you don't talk, I will promise you. You have to shoot now, but you have to shoot."

Finally, in the bathroom of the investment company, Zhang Fan was photographed by Li Liang.

Since then, Zhang Fan has paid interest three times in total, totaling 1,260 yuan. The nightmare is not over yet. On January 20, Zhang Fan received a phone call from Li Liang. "He said that I had breached the contract. I must pay 11,000 yuan immediately, otherwise I would bring someone to my house for 35,000 yuan."

On the phone, Zhang Fan has been questioning the reason for the breach of contract. If the other party did not explain, he hang up the phone. Fear of naked exposure, Zhang Fan was scared to sleep all night.

The next day, she told her parents about the incident and told the police station in the jurisdiction. The repayment was stopped at the suggestion of the police.

On January 25, accompanied by his parents, he went to the police station to understand the situation. The policeman who handled the case told her that Li Liang is currently involved in many cases.

There are 6 students who are loaned in this company, and one classmate is still a minor.

. This classmate borrowed 4,000 yuan twice and found a "social mix" guarantee. In the end, it paid a total of 4,600 yuan.

"I regret it now, give me another chance, I will not do such a 'stupid thing' in order to buy a mobile phone." Zhang Fan said.

The reporter was unable to contact the relevant person of the investment company for an interview. It is understood that the local police are still investigating further.

How to rectify the "naked loan" chaos

Not long ago, Nanjing Qinhuai police destroyed a high-value lending company and arrested 14 suspects. The gang members have been criminally detained by the Qinhuai police for alleged extortion.

Since January this year, the Qinhuai District police have received an alarm, saying that they have been collected by debt collectors. The strange thing is that the borrower finds money from the debt collection company, but the company personnel avoid it.

According to reports, the microfinance company rented an office to specialize in unsecured loans. Unlike ordinary microfinance companies, the loan interest of this company is prohibitively high.

If you want to borrow money from them, the amount of the loan agreed in the loan contract is several times higher than the actual amount of money.

For example, if you borrow 10,000 yuan, you will write 30,000 yuan if you owe it. The contract stipulates that repayment must be made on time. Once the breach of contract has a high liquidated damages, the liquidated damages are dozens of times the principal. The police found that a victim borrowed 1,500 yuan and was asked to pay 60,000 yuan.

The police conducted an in-depth investigation and found that there were more than 10 members of the company. The members of this gang are very young, all after 90s.

There are only two or three people responsible for picking up the business. The work of other people is to collect debts. When picking up the business, the salesman said that it is an unsecured loan, but in fact, the identity information, home address, and work unit will be clearly defined.

Some victims said that the salesman contacted them. If they did not pay back the money in time, there would be a debt collector who came to the door to "home visit." Write the information about the owed person on the wall with paint, and go to the victim unit to make trouble.

The police also found that many women were asked to take nude photos. A female victim said that when she borrowed money, she was asked to take nude photos as a loan guarantee. Because she was eager to take the money, she was specially taken to the company to shoot.

According to the police, the company has a multimedia room dedicated to making nude photos. When the victim was photographed nude, he was in front of the male salesman.

The Qinhuai District police initially grasped the core membership of the gang, and three of them from the Chenzhou City of Anhui Province funded the company in Nanjing.

On January 17, the police arrested the police. The police found a large amount of debits and cash at the scene, and found many nude photos of female victims in the mobile phone of the debt collectors. These young people did not realize that it was illegal.

The reporter found that in 2017, Dingxi in Gansu and Nantong in Jiangsu Province had “naked loans” cases, and the procuratorates arrested the suspects on suspicion of extortion.

It is worth noting that starting this year, the Xi'an Municipal Law Committee issued a notice to carry out a special campaign to eliminate evils. There are 10 kinds of behaviors involving crimes of the underworld nature. In recent years, new ones have relied on “campus loans” and “naked loans”. The violent debt collection is also among them.

Fan Guomin, a lawyer from Jiangsu Law Firm, pointed out that some lending companies or online platforms have adopted false propaganda methods, lowered the threshold for loans, and concealed the actual tariff standards to induce students to fall into the trap of “usury” and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of students.

Fan Guomin suggested that on the one hand, it is necessary to speed up legislation and introduce relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible so that there are laws to follow. To make detailed regulations on the qualification review, fund supervision, information sharing, and supervision of small loan companies and lending platforms, and to guide their healthy development through legislation.

On the other hand, it is suspected of infringing on citizens' personal information when it is necessary to strengthen financial and legal education for students in school and strengthen their awareness of financial security and legal awareness, such as the illegal sale of personal information by the lender on the Internet or the disclosure of the identity card of the borrower. ;

Illegal collection means are also likely to be suspected of extortion, and nude sellers, losers, and communicators may be suspected of spreading obscene articles.

The lender publishes the student's nude photos online, infringing the student's privacy rights, and as a victim can claim the tort liability against the publisher.

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