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[Move money must know] micro-credit loan? You have to know these points!

Time: 2018-04-25         Source: 99 loan         Author: 99 loans

Finding a small loan company without money is already a consensus of many borrowers.

Compared with bank loans, the threshold for microfinance is low. For most people who are not so good, this is indeed a more reliable channel of borrowing.

However, there are a few precautions for finding a small loan company to borrow money. Xiaobian reminds everyone that we must pay attention.

First, from the current reality, the basic conditions of micro-credit loans

1. Residents of mainland China;

2. Have a stable address and work or business location;

3. Have a stable source of income;

4, no bad credit records, the use of loans can not be used as stocks, gambling and other acts.

Second, the considerations for applying for a small loan

1. Provide personal identification, which can be ID card, residence permit, account book, marriage certificate and other information;

2. Provide stable proof of address, house lease contract, water and electricity payment form, property management and other relevant certificates;

3. Provide a stable source of income, bank flow list, labor contract, etc.

Third, small loan considerations

1. Although it is called a small amount, it is also a loan. All loans, whether it is bank lending or private lending, require you to have repayment ability.

In other words, those who claim that they can lend to you without any conditions must be a liar or a blind man.

2. In addition, many people have asked if there is an ID card for loan. ID cards can be replenished at any time, with ID cards, regular lending companies will not lend you money.

3. How to distinguish illegal institutions when choosing a lending institution:

(1) Looking at interest rates, if it is more than 4 times higher than the benchmark interest rate for the same period, it is already illegal; the above issues need to be noted. Don't be lucky. No repayment ability, no one will lend you money.

(2) See if there is a charge before the loan is paid. If there is a variety of handling fees, there will be a problem with the delay in the nominal interest charge.

Remittances pay interest, charges for various reasons before lending, excessive interest rates, no contracts, and other suspicious signs.

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