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Be wary: street unsecured interest-free loans, mostly traps!

Time: 2018-04-24         Source: Xinyi Current Affairs         Author: Xinyi Newsletter

Nowadays, the problem of loans is very prominent. I often have friends saying that in the process of loan, I encountered some traps. Sometimes I didn’t care so much because I needed to use the money urgently. I was confused and the result was not loaned. I got into time and property.

So, what kind of problems should a friend pay attention to in a loan, and what is the normative process?

What are the common loan traps in rural areas?

If you pay attention, you will find that there are always a variety of small advertisements on the poles in the countryside. The most popular ones are about microfinance and unsecured loans. Many farmers see that after they have moved their hearts, they will contact these small advertisements, and finally they will inevitably suffer losses.

1. Unsecured loans

Now we often see advertisements in the countryside saying that there is no mortgage and can also make loans. This makes many farmers very excited and hurry to do it. As a result, the other party said that if you want to make a loan, you must pay the money first. The farmers’ friends believe that they have paid the money. The result is sad reminder, and when you come back to God, those people have already ran. Liars use these false advertisements to attract those who are in urgent need of raising money.

2. Information mortgage

Nowadays, there is a way of lending with identity information to mortgage loans. As long as the ID card is mortgaged, the loan can be obtained. In fact, this is strictly a usury. Maybe you don't borrow a lot of money, and the result is that you can't afford it at all.

In this case, everyone has to stay far away. This kind of scam may also take your personal information, resell it or use your identity information to apply for online loans. Once the online loan application is successful, you will If you put a debt on someone else, the trouble will be big. Such scams are highly concealed and harmful, so be careful not to give your information to others easily.

3. Interest-free loans

The so-called interest-free loans, there is no down payment, many people feel that it is too appropriate, and rushed to apply for a loan, but no time to carefully calculate the high interest hidden behind the interest-free loans.

It is indeed no interest, but the liar still charges you a high service fee, management fee, etc. It was originally a loan of 1,000 yuan, maybe you have to pay 2,000 yuan or even higher.

There are a lot of institutions in the rural areas about microfinance, some are still prohibited by the state, and some are specifically defrauding money. Therefore, farmers must keep their eyes wide open and pay attention to distinguish.

What are the conditions for applying for a small loan in rural areas?

1. Farmers or self-employed households in the community have full capacity for civil conduct.

2. The credit concept is strong and the credit status is good.

3. Engage in land cultivation or other production and business activities in line with national industrial policies, and have reliable income.

4. There must be a labor force with production or management capabilities among family members.

What is the formal process?

1. Farmers' credit rating. It is mainly based on indicators such as the basic conditions of farmers, production and operation status, and creditworthiness. Credit ratings are generally divided into excellent, good, and general three grades.

2. Approving the credit line of farmers. According to the results of the credit rating of farmers, the demand for funds of farmers and the application for credit quotas, the rural credit cooperatives shall approve the credit limit of the corresponding grade.

3. Issue a loan certificate. Take the household as a unit, one household and one card.

4. Application for loan. When a farmer applies for a loan, he or she can apply for a loan within the credit line with a farmer's loan card and a valid ID card (hukou book).

5. Loan issuance. After receiving the loan application from the farmers, the rural credit cooperatives shall sign the contract after review by the credit counter personnel (or the door cabinet personnel), fill in the borrowing documents, and the farmers may use the loans as required.

6. On time, the borrower repays the principal and interest of the loan in accordance with the loan contract.

There are a lot of tricks that you may encounter when you loan, and you can't prevent it. In order not to be deceived, in addition to maintaining caution, it is also important to find a reliable lending institution.

Regular lending institutions will not charge any fees before successful lending, so if you apply for a loan online, the other party will let you pay the fee first, etc., it is generally a scam.

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