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How much do you know about the "invisible" expenses of microfinance?

Time: 2018-04-23         Source: Everyone becomes a single         Author: everyone into a single

In the process of microfinance, the applicants will encounter some “invisible” expenses, such as fees, service fees, late fees, etc. These fees are not much, but the total cost is not a small amount. . Let's take a closer look at these "invisible" costs.

Service fee, handling fee

Some microfinance products are said to be exempt from interest, but in fact interest has been disguised as a service fee or handling fee. For some borrowers who don't understand the "market", they think they are cheap, but they are routine.

Comprehensive service fee

Some microfinance products claim to receive only a comprehensive service fee, 0.1% per day. However, some microfinance products may only charge 0.01% per day, which means that the daily interest rate of the latter products is much smaller than that of the former products. In the process of microfinance, the applicants should make multi-dimensional comparisons of various micro-credit soft products and choose the most cost-effective products.

Late payment

The payment of late fees is a measure to reduce the face of the microfinance platform. Basically, all microfinance platforms charge a certain extra fee for borrowers who fail to pay back. Some late fees are called fines or overdue management fees, etc.

Some microfinance products charge a high amount of late fees. For example, for D products, the overdue fee is composed of late payment fee and overdue fee. The late payment fee is 10 yuan, and the overdue fee is charged at 0.7%/day. If the principal is not paid back 1000 yuan, the overdue fee is 7 yuan per day. . 0.7% / day, this figure has exceeded the daily interest rate of many products, showing the weight of punishment. In addition, the annual interest rate of the product is not low, about 10%.


Some platforms will collect insurance premiums, and everyone will remind the applicants if they want to collect the fees. The loan contract or agreement should be involved. When signing the contract, you must pay more attention to avoid unnecessary trouble. .

The above-mentioned project is actually a kind of “interest” in disguise. The borrower must fully understand the product when making a small loan, and carefully calculate the fees charged by the platform. The amount of the micro-loan should not exceed its repayment ability.

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