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How will the central bank's RRR cut affect our money bag?
On April 17, the central bank announced that from April 25, 2018, the renminbi deposit reserve ratio of large commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, city commercial banks, non-county rural commercial banks and foreign banks will be lowered by 1 percentage point; on the same day, the above banks They will use the funds released by the RRR to repay the medium-term loan facility (MLF) of the central bank they borrowed in the order of “first, first, and first”.
Policy information
      On April 17, the central bank announced the RRR cut, and will continue to implement a prudent and neutral monetary policy, maintain a reasonable and stable liquidity, and guide the steady and moderate growth of money and credit and social financing.
Expert interpretation
      After the RRR cut, what impact will it have on the property market, stock market and mortgage interest rates? What is the opinion of the experts of various agencies?
List of interest rate cuts over the years
      In the past 10 years, I have experienced several interest rate cuts?
          Although the RRR has been lowered, the stable and neutral monetary policy orientation remains unchanged, which is essentially different from the previous quantitative easing monetary policy.
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