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Ants have been shut down for 6 reasons! Many people don’t know

Time: 2018-07-05         Source: National Credit Search         Author: National Credit inquiry

There are many friends who borrowed well, but they were suddenly shut down. They can only borrow it. Many people come over and ask what is the reason. Of course, the reason is multi-faceted and will be shared with you.

Some people have asked, is this borrowing closed, and there is still a way to reopen it. Regarding this, it is more difficult to open it again according to the past cases. After the trust relationship breaks down, it is not easy to establish it again, so how is it benign? The use of how to avoid being shut down is a problem that many people need to pay attention to.

Today's article is shared from two aspects, one is the reason why the loan is closed, and the other is the method of Alipay big data.


First, the reason why the loan is closed

Use it freely

The use of arbitrariness here is mainly because it can be borrowed frequently and frequently in use. Every platform is very disgusting with the amount of credit, and borrowing is no exception. If you want to make progress, you can use it frequently, but not frequently. The demand here is good.

Everyone remembers that whether it is online loans or borrowing, repayment is best stopped according to the contract. For example, if you apply for 6 months, then you will pay off in 6 months. Some friends may feel that it is better early, but it is not. .

First, the platform does not make a lot of money early, and secondly, it takes a long time to go to the body. How often do you spend it? You often borrow frequently, the ordinary platform will feel that you are brushing the amount, and every platform is disgusted. This group of.

Never use

Just have a quota, you first seize the opportunity, for example, 50,000 yuan, you do not need to withdraw all of the money, you can first mention a part, one or two thousand can, the focus is to generate credit records, in fact, borrow this thing, play cards with you The same reason.

In addition, some friends borrowed a very slow rise, so they gave birth to a group of people who borrowed money, mainly through some non-policy operations, to defraud the amount of Alipay, and advocate that you should never try, otherwise the function will be lost or lost. Quite.

3. Frequent early repayment

Regarding this point, the first article has been said. Don't be frequent. It is very important to grasp a degree. You can repay the loan one or two times by chance. However, if you do this frequently, you will not be able to repay it frequently. Many friends will commit.

If you believe in it, you will lose it. If you trust it, you will earn interest. If you borrow it often, you can’t make money. Why should he open it for you? ?

4. Document material is outdated

Whether the certification materials can be outdated, such as whether the ID card can be outdated, many people have encountered this situation, the ID card is out of date, and then the function of Alipay can not be used at all, re-apply ID card, re-certification will return to normal.

5. Borrowing overdue

The penalty interest is charged at 1.5 times the original interest! It is still very high, so you must not overdue. Whether it is a credit card or an online loan, try not to overdue. Some people may have forgotten it. This is better than squatting, so it is very important to give tips.短信 One or two days before the repayment, SMS notification will be sent. Some anti-virus software may be blocked, remember to pull it into the whitelist.

Second, about Alipay big data

1. Improve materials

Be sure to improve your personal materials. Under the sesame credit homepage, there is a “credit management” column. For personal information, you can fill in all the information. Of course, if you don't have it, don't fake it. The 13-star technology that was previously hyped is a fake material.

Education - can highlight your income level; bind the company's mailbox - if it is large, state-owned, foreign capital, it will get a good bonus, affirm the income stability; career information - and LinkedIn, third-party certification Your information is true;

Overseas credit report - this is rarely seen, if there is, it is a very important circumstantial evidence; vehicle information - to prove the ability of movable property; provident fund - through it to reverse your income level. Credit card bills - understand the extent of credit consumption.

2. Multiple card

All bank cards must be tied to Alipay, but it is still necessary to tie some credit cards and one repayment card. Sesame Credit will be able to exchange more funds through the tied cards, allowing Sesame Credit to determine your disposable income.

3. Use more functions such as “living payment”

“Credit Card Repayment” will stop the Alipay credit, understand the credit level of your roots, the level of consumption, and the ability to control wealth. The monthly average repayment is best; the “repayment of mortgage” is similar;

The important "hydropower coal, property" payment in "living payment", paid by Alipay, will make Sesame Credit more clear about the stability of your place of residence, as long as the unstable group will always change the place.

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