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[Real case] How is the unsecured loan made? Are you qualified?

Time: 2018-04-04         Source: Chongqing Guohui Jie Technology         Author: Li Yong Jiu

Personal unsecured loan

Unsecured loans, also known as unsecured loans, or credit loans.

No collateral is required, just the proof of identity, proof of income, proof of address, etc. (the specific proof depends on the bank) The loan that the bank applies to, the bank is based on the personal credit situation to issue the loan.

The interest rate is generally slightly higher than the secured loan. The customer can choose the loan period according to the individual's specific circumstances, and then sign the contract with the bank, which is guaranteed.

So how does the current unsecured loan work? Today, I will explain it to you through two cases.

Case 1: Loaning in the proportion of borrower's income

Case: Ms. Wang is a manager of a large well-known enterprise. She wants to buy a high-cost car for the convenience of picking up her daughter to go to school in primary school and thinking about work and life.

After turning a few 4S stores, Ms. Wang took a look at a more satisfactory model of a certain brand, and the price was about 200,000. However, the cash on her hand is tens of thousands less than the purchase price, and the car dealer does not accept the loan, so Ms. Wang wants to lend a portion of the money through the mortgaged property to pay for the car in one lump sum.

Analysis: People like Ms. Wang, who are in need of microfinance, have no need to finance the property through mortgaged property.

At present, banks have a special product for small-sum consumer loans, called “unsecured loans”, which means that loans can be obtained without mortgage and other people’s guarantees. The borrower only needs to provide proof of employment for more than three months, and the monthly income can exceed 3,000 yuan.

Unsecured loan lines are low, usually 8-10 times the borrower's income, and the loan period is shorter, between 1-4 years. On the loan interest rate, the unsecured loan interest rate is also significantly higher than the mortgage loan. Depending on the loan bank and the borrower's loan life, the annual interest rate of unsecured loans of each bank is generally 10%-15%.

Tips: Unsecured loans that are borrowed in proportion to the borrower's income. Banks have higher requirements for borrowers' work. Employees of general public institutions, state-owned enterprises or large foreign enterprises can apply, and individual industrial and commercial households and private owners do not handle them. .

Case 2: Issued with a CPF joint card and passbook

Case: Xiaohu is an employee of a private company. After three years of work, the company has been paying a provident fund for it.

Under the name of Xiao Hu, there is a set of real estate, which is funded by parents for their loans. Xiaohu pays a monthly payment of more than 2,000 yuan.

He is going to marry his girlfriend at the end of the year, so he wants to renovate the house in May, but Xiaohu’s work in the past three years has not saved much, and he is too embarrassed to ask his parents for money, so he wants to apply for a small renovation from the bank. loan.

Analysis: In addition to lending according to the borrower's unit and income, there is also a consumer loan that can be applied to the bank with a CPF joint card and passbook.

There are two requirements for banks to make such loans. One is that the borrower needs to deposit the provident fund for more than one year, and the other is to be able to provide the personal provident fund to deposit the joint name card and the passbook.

The loan period is generally up to 3 years, and the interest rate generally rises by 20%. The borrower can choose the same amount of principal and interest repayment. The bank will ask the borrower to select the loan period and the corresponding loan interest rate to calculate the monthly repayment amount. The borrower needs to provide More than twice the income of the month.

Tips: Unsecured loans applied for with the CPF joint card have relatively low requirements for the borrower's work unit. Any employee who meets the deposit reserve for more than one year can apply.

Among the employees who have been paid by the provident fund, some of them may not have a CPF joint card and passbook. It is recommended that if you want to apply for an unsecured loan, you can apply to the relevant department of your unit.

Looking at the above two examples, do you understand the advantages of unsecured loans?

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