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The online loan owes a few thousand pieces, will the collection really come to the door?

Time: 2018-06-28         Source: Ring Man         Author: quit line and Man

Today, I want to talk to you about a person that every brother will meet - collection.

Of course, if you have been repaying on time and never overdue, then you have no chance to deal with this group (this must be a good thing).

Speaking of collection, each network lending platform has different collection methods. At present, most of the collections are by telephone bombing, SMS bombing, and violent collection. I believe many borrowers have already encountered or are facing the threat of such collection.


If you owe a few thousand dollars, will the collection of online loans really come to the door?

The first thing to say is that it is not impossible to collect the door if it is seriously overdue. But there are several characteristics:

The amount is generally not too small

Communication is fruitless or bad when dunning

Overdue time is too long.

Therefore, if there is only one or two thousand overdue debts, the basic daily phone calls, text messages, and WeChat remind you to pay back. At this time, don't ignore it, keep good communication!

At some point, the communication atmosphere is OK, just negotiate with him, maybe you can apply for repayment discounts, such as appropriate interest reduction, it is definitely good for you. (Do not believe that only the principal is paid off) It is not impossible, but the chances are small.

The collection of the real door-to-door is basically not the staff of the online lending institution. If you actually come to the door later, this means that your loan information has been transferred to the "third-party collection company."

At this time, the most sensible approach must also first indicate your willingness to repay, not a malicious overdraft, but it is really incapable of repaying. This is very important.

In addition, even if you are really on the door, you don't have to be too scared. As long as he makes any illegal behavior, you can alarm to protect the rights of yourself and your family! Of course, you should never take the initiative to provoke conflicts. You can talk as well as you can, and any impulsive behavior is negative for yourself and your family.


What is the most sensible way to cope with the collection?

If you are unable to repay, you will face overdue

I suggest that you let go of everything and confess with your family. Find friends and relatives to pay off your debts first, so as to avoid the impact of credit investigation. If this method does not work, you can find out whether there is a low-interest, long-term loan suitable for you, and all kinds of small loans. I have to pay back, and I am doing a proper repayment plan and gradually pulling myself ashore.

If you have been overdue for a few days, the collection has found you.

After receiving the call from the recipient, you first ask him for the job number and then tell him. Now talk to you to record the whole process, and then continue to talk.

Explain that you have a good willingness to repay, and are willing to communicate and coordinate to make a repayment plan that everyone accepts.

This repayment plan should be made according to the actual situation, not what he said. Even if you go to the court, you lose the case, and the court's executive court will consider the situation comprehensively.

Secondly, if the collection interferes with your normal life and work, etc.: You can collect relevant evidence to complain to the CBRC or report to the public security organ, and the court will sue if necessary!

Now they are saying that "civilization collects money, and it is necessary to pay according to law." If their actions are not standardized, the court will not help him. They naturally cannot go that step.

Remind you that online lending is risky and you need to be cautious when borrowing money.


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