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[The most complete in history] micro-credit, borrowing and withdrawing cheats

Time: 2018-11-13         Source: Little Finance Find Money         Author: little financial find the money

Microparticle loan amount

Microparticle loan

“Particle Loan” is a pure online personal small credit cycle consumer loan product launched by Weizhong Bank. That is to say, the user can obtain the loan through the micro-loan, and the maximum loan amount of 300,000 yuan can be obtained. Popular point is that it is something that can be "borrowed" to you.(Extended reading:The woman rented a room and heard the "call" next door, each time lasting half an hour, next door girl: I did not)


How to open micro-loan

At present, the micro-credit is based on the white-list invitation system. Individuals cannot open the initiative through any special methods and channels. They can only maintain good credit and high-frequency use of WeChat payment and other functions, waiting for Tencent to invite them to open.(Extended reading:What is the news article, this time you have the final say >>)

4 elements that determine the amount of particulate credit

Micro-credit is to determine whether to give you the amount of the credit by judging your credit score, but the factors that determine your credit score are mainly the following four.

The compliance index - from consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages and other information. Whether to pay back on time is an important reference.

Consumer Index - from WeChat, mobile QQ payment behavior and preference analysis. If you have never spent on Tencent's major platforms, it means that you are weaker than the platform, and the possibility of opening micro-credit is extremely low.

Security Index - Is the TenPay account a real-name certification? TenPay is an online payment platform launched by Tencent. It functions like Alipay. If your Tenpay is not open or real-name certified, this item will be deducted a lot.(Extended reading:How do you spend your money and how to deal with it? What you care about most is here >>)

Wealth Index - from the composition of assets and financial records in Tencent products. Alipay has a balance treasure, WeChat wallet has a wealth management, every penny you deposit on the WeChat platform, every small financial action, can greatly enhance your Tencent credit.

These four major indexes give us the direction of our efforts. As long as we can raise the four major indexes, it is naturally not a dream. Around the four major indexes, we have given you nine specific implementation techniques that are helpful for the increase.

Microparticle lending tips

1. Improve personal information

Real-name authentication in WeChat or TenPay, fill in the address, bind the mobile phone number and other information.(Extended reading:Harmful! The 60-year-old father sent his son's photo to a number of "girlfriends", then...)

2, personal credit is good

Maintain good personal credit and particulate loan repayment history.

3, binding savings card, credit card

Use the TenPay or WeChat wallet to bundle more than 3 savings cards and credit cards.(Extended reading:What is the difference between the North and the South? Netizen: Do not spicy hot chicken, the chef chased me two streets)

4, be a caring person

Participate in Tencent's charity projects, even if you donate only one hair and two hairs at a time, as long as you brush the donation record, Tencent can see it, and there will naturally be good news.

5, purchase Tencent Li Caitong products

Use Wealth Management on WeChat or QQ, open the information, and invest some money in it.

6, make good use of the micro-loan loan to borrow money

When borrowing money from micro-credit, choose to repay in installments. There are currently 3 types of 5/10/20 options. It is recommended that you try to choose 10 or 20 repayments, because the longer you choose to repay, Tencent will be able to Earn more interest and make him profitable, he will naturally give you convenience.

However, it must be established on the premise of timely repayment and cannot be overdue.

7, be an active Tencent user

Use Tencent's WeChat, QQ and other products to be an active WeChat or QQ user, and use the applications given by Tencent in WeChat wallets.

For example, there are Didi taxis and Jingdong shopping in WeChat.Credit card paymentsand many more.

8. To achieve the purpose of withdrawal by withdrawing cash

When the micro-credit was first opened, it applied for a withdrawal in the micro-loan. The financial is preferably 70% above the total amount. Many netizens pro-tested that this move was very effective and the amount was raised the next day.

The picture below is a real case of a friend.


9, use WeChat for living payment(Extended reading:What are your wonderful experiences with takeaway: Give me a good review, I promise not to tell your husband!)

In daily life, use Tencent's payment products as much as possible to pay for transactions in different scenarios, such as using WeChat to pay telephone bills, utilities, and credit card repayments.

10. By reducing the daily interest rate

Increase the frequency of use of particulate loans, and use more particulate loans. Tencent will give you a daily interest rate of three ten thousandths (usually five ten thousandths), as long as your interest rate can be reduced to three ten thousandths. The amount is naturally natural, which is actually a complement to each other.


What is a loan?

“borrowing” is a loan service launched by Alipay. The current application threshold is sesame in more than 600. According to the score, the loan amount that users can apply ranges from 1000 to 300000. The maximum period of repayment is borrowed. For 12 months, the loan daily rate is 0.045%, with the loan.

How to open it?

When yourSesame creditAt 600 points or above, update Alipay to the latest version, and then enter [borrow] in [Home]-[More Applications] to search for it. You can view your quota when you open it.(Extended reading:In the rural areas of China, there are more than 20 million bachelors who don’t have a daughter-in-law. What should I do in the future?)


How to effectively increase the amount of borrowing?

01 increase active

Most of the shopping platforms of Ali, Tmall, Taobao, Juhua and other shopping expenses, let Ma Yun recognize you as his loyal fans.

02 buy more wealth management products

Mostly buy wealth management products on Alipay, such as Yu'ebao, Zhaocaibao, and funds. In addition, Alipay also launched an ant Jubao app, let's go and experience it.

It will always help a bit.

03 life payment multi-purpose Alipay

Use a variety of life service functions on Alipay, such as water and electricity payment, mobile phone recharge, Taobao movies, word of mouth outside, Ali travel and so on.

04 Improve Alipay's network

Improve personal connections, often chat with friends, transfer money to each other, and often send red packets to friends.(Extended reading:How do you spend your money and how to deal with it? What you care about most is here >>)

05 often do public welfare

When you are fine, you can donate a little love through Alipay’s “love donation”. The amount is free. Love is not the amount of money. It is persistence! There is also the ant forest thing, Ma Dad is not for you to steal energy to play, as long as you successfully plant a tree not only sesame can improve, Ma Dad will plant a real tree in the desert.


06 binding bank card

More binding of a few savings cards and credit cards, of course, not too much, if too much, Alipay will think that your debt pressure is high, it is best to control within 3, while paying on time.

07 Perfect personal information

Try to improve your personal information, such as real-name certification, as well as vehicle information, academic information, British collar, veins, nails, etc. The more complete the supplement, the more helpful the promotion of sesame credit points.

08 makes the platform profitable

When you pay online, you should use the flower buds as much as possible. Sometimes you can choose to apply for the installment, so that Ma Yun earns some interest. Similarly, if you open it, it is best to borrow some money and don't let Alipay feel that you don't need it.(Extended reading:How do you spend your money and how to deal with it? What you care about most is here >>)

Micro-credit and lending, which one should I choose?

There are many netizens who have such doubts, micro-credit and borrowing, both products are similar, which one should I choose?

In fact, Xiao Bian feels that we don't need to say that we have to make choices. It is not indispensable to use them together. If you have to choose, then I suggest you compare the choices from the following angles. I believe you will understand after reading them. .

Credit user comparison

Micro-credit: As of April this year, the active credit of micro-credit has exceeded 30 million, and the accumulated loans have exceeded 30 billion yuan, and the average loan amount is less than 10,000 yuan.

Borrowing: On April 21, 2016, the ants borrowed and announced that they have granted credit to 30 million users nationwide for a year, and the accumulated consumer credit reached 49.4 billion yuan.

Loan amount comparison

Microparticle loan: up to 300,000 yuan

Borrowing: up to 300,000 yuan

Loan interest rate comparison

Microparticle loan:Daily interest rate 0.05%

Borrow: Daily interest rate 0.02%-0.5%

Comparison of loan terms

Microparticle loan: 5 months, 10 months, 20 months

Borrowing: 12 months(Extended reading:How do you spend your money and how to deal with it? What you care about most is here >>)

Repayment method, early repayment comparison

Micro-credit: equal principal, can be repaid in advance, no commission

Borrowing: equal amount of principal, can be repaid in advance, no commission

Overdue penalty interest comparison

Micro-credit: Overdue principal* Overdue days* Daily interest rate*0.5

Borrowing: Overdue principal * Overdue days * Daily interest rate * 1.5

The comparison of product information is listed for everyone. No matter how you choose, it is the best for you.

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