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What are the financial products during the Spring Festival can buy?

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Most of the financial products can not be bought during the Spring Festival, but you can try Internet banking, especially P2P banking.


Wang recently encountered a problem, the company just before the Spring Festival when the year-end bonus was issued, he wanted to get money, but to find it but found that even have not been able to buy financial products. His question is, what other wealth management products can be bought during the Spring Festival?

In fact, there are many people like Wang who have financial needs during the Spring Festival. For example, those holidays receive large red envelopes, money for the New Year, and those who receive repayments from other people.

Financial 360 financial analysts first to regret to tell you that during the Spring Festival can buy financial products is indeed very limited, most of the investment and financial markets will be closed.

  Stocks, the fund can not be bought, the Spring Festival holiday are closed for 7 days; the Monetary Fund can not buy, February 13, after 3 pm to buy, can only wait until the holiday interest rates; although the bank can buy financial products, but large Most can only wait until after the holiday interest rates; Internet financial institutions are mostly early holidays.

Nevertheless, we can not allow a lot of money to sleep in the bank current account, look carefully to find some of the financial products in the Spring Festival can still buy.

We can give up the traditional financial channels we can first, such as stocks, funds, banks will not be financial, stock markets and markets during the Spring Festival 100% can not be bought, financial 360 financial analysts view the sale of bank financing, not on February 14 Interest before interest, that is, after February 21 interest rates, there is no interest-bearing wealth management products during the Spring Festival.

At this time, Internet banking has exerted its advantages. Some Internet agencies will release a small amount of new products during the Spring Festival holiday. Among them, P2P financial management is the most recommended.

P2P platform during the Spring Festival holidays are also holidays, usually between 7-10 days, howeverMany platforms will be on sale during the holiday target, the subject of the number will be less than usual, but the advantage is that as long as the full amount of the subject began to interest bearing, So investors' money will not stand in vain during the Spring Festival.

Need to remind investors that some Internet banking platform for sale of financial management, personal pension insurance management products, gold and other products may be normal during the Spring Festival to buy, but basically all after the holiday interest, soEveryone in the purchase of such products must pay attention to the "time of interest."

Of course, there are financial needs during the Spring Festival, there are cash withdrawal needs, if your money into poor liquidity financial products among the Spring Festival is unable to withdraw. Such as stocks, funds, bank financing, P2P, insurance, etc., to mention the product may be the only financial management of the baby, but the baby financial management often will be raised during the Spring Festival limit, so set aside enough liquidity is very important.

There are many high-yield and reliable short-term financial management, concern: Finance secret notes, reply "fly" view.

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