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Different from the traditional bank loans, mobile micro-loan which advantages?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Card to credit         Author: credit card should

Currently the loan market is more popular than the small mobile credit loans, whether it is the audit threshold or the next paragraph speed, are more satisfied with the user, what characteristics of the mobile micro-loan which advantages? Xiao Bian below to chat with everyone.


Low threshold

At present, most of the application procedures for mobile phone loan software are relatively low, neither guarantee nor mortgage, and do not need face sign. The whole online operation is completed, a mobile phone can get a loan, and the application conditions are relatively simple. Requirements Not too harsh, to bring a lot of loans to the needs of small partners bring the gospel.

Less time to review

So popular mobile phone loan is inseparable from the speed of its examination, Xiao Bian learned that the vast majority of mobile phone loans are online review, a few minutes to 1 hour to complete the audit operation, to bring a considerable Convenience. The feedback speed is fast, the user has more room to choose a variety of products.

The next paragraph speed

Needless to say the speed of the next paragraph Needless to say, how long can get the loan is the most concerned about everyone, and the next paragraph of mobile phone loans is very force speed, usually 1-3 days after the audit can be credited to success, spike bank loans 1-2 weeks, it is very beneficial and timely for economic partners.

Repayment methods and more

Convenient way to repay on the one hand you can reduce the repayment process, on the other hand can also be to some extent, to avoid overdue loans and repayment of the phone are generally more, most of the mobile phone loan software supports automatic, active, Transfer and other repayment methods, many more leading companies can also WeChat / Alipay and other repayment methods to avoid a variety of cross-bank transfer fees generated by other. At the same time part of the loan products in the near repayment period will also use the WeChat, e-mail, SMS and other friendly remind the lenders repayment, so as to avoid overdue, causing a variety of user problems.

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