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Three stories tell you how to manage money

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Money is not money into it, you can get the benefits of closed eyes, but you do not try, it will not be possible to obtain revenue.

When it comes to financial management, everyone has "a balance" in their hearts. Some people will make targeted investments. Some people choose to make drastic investments. The same is an investment. However, the results sometimes differ widely. Some people earn pensions in the process, others lose tears.

In life, we have heard too many such questions:

The same is the investment, the return of yeah so much?

This product gains good, I want to cast this money management products can?

Invest in this product can guarantee money? Will not be cheated?

I have less money, can I invest?


So, the best financial investment gains will certainly make money? Any investment must have income? Money is not worth a vote it?

Next, may wish to see three stories.

  First, avoid blind worship of a "basket"

There was a bank in the United States that was ordered by the federal government to close because of irregularities in operations and financial problems. After the company was taken over, all depositors were immediately notified to withdraw.

Because the U.S. banks have a deposit guarantee of 100,000 yuan, which means that if the bank's bankruptcy is less than 100,000 yuan, it will not suffer any loss.

Many people can have deposits of more than 100,000 yuan, some even up to millions of dollars. The results of lifelong savings out of pocket, suffered heavy losses.

In the financial investment, please remember not to put all the eggs in a basket, because the basket is not necessarily the safest and most profitable, as far as possible to diversify the investment, diversify the risk in order to minimize the risk and protect personal interests Maximize.

  Second, the investment is not following the feeling go

King called 4 blind people, let them judge what is touched, the correct person will be rewarded.

Touch the blind Ivory said that this is a big and long radish.

Touching the ears of the blind said that this is a large palm-leaf fan.

And touch the legs, that this is a big pillar.

Yes ah, do not understand the overall situation, how can things have a correct understanding of it?

The fourth blind man pointed to the elephant and asked passersby passing by. A: "What is this?"

Passerby: "It's an elephant."

The blind listened to the king: "It's an elephant."

In the investment and wealth management, not the money is thrown out, you can reap the benefits. In an era of rapid development of science and technology, some unscrupulous elements, under the guise of high-yielding, illegally raise funds, shut down the trading platform. So do not understand please understand people or institutions to invest to protect their own property safety.

  Third, a dollar "save" in the wallet

One person is very rich, many people ask him about ways to get rich. The millionaire asked them: "If you have a basket, put 10 eggs into the basket every morning and 9 eggs that day, what will happen in the end?"

These people always replied: "The basket will be packed one day sooner or later, because we put one more egg in the basket every day than we eat."

The rich man said with a smile: "The first principle of getting rich is to put 10 coins in your wallet and you can only use up to nine."

Wealth management in a very important law, we call it the "September 1" law. When you get 10 bucks, you can only spend up to 9 bucks and "save" that bucks in your wallet. No matter when and where, never exception. Even if you only receive a dollar, but also 10% deposit, this is the first rule of the financial management. You do not underestimate this rule, Einstein once said: the greatest power in the world is not a nuclear weapon, but a compound interest multiplier.

Last nagging: Money is not money into it, you can get the benefits of closed eyes, but you do not try, it will not be possible to obtain revenue.

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