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During the Chinese New Year, do not forget to credit card repayment, cross-bank transfer repayment to be early!
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During the Chinese New Year, if you catch up with the credit card payment date, do not forget the repayment due to immersion in the festive atmosphere. Credit card overdue repayment, one is to bear the cost of interest and liquidated damages, but will affect the credit, resulting in bad credit history.

During the Chinese New Year, if you catch up with the credit card payment date, do not forget the repayment due to immersion in the festive atmosphere. Credit card overdue repayment, one is to bear the cost of interest and liquidated damages, but will affect the credit, resulting in bad credit history, later want to apply for a mortgage, car loans difficult.

During the Spring Festival, credit card payments need to pay attention to the following three aspects:

1, repayment should be as early as possible, pay attention to account time

Holidays, some banks cross-bank transfer repayments are delayed arrival or the phenomenon of the channel is closed, we must know in advance to know their normal repayment channels can be used normally, the other crediting time is like. In order to avoid late due to account delays caused by overdue, try to repay two or three days in advance, do not catch the repayment date on the repayment date. In particular, cross-bank transfer repayments, be sure to a few days in advance.

In addition, there are some banks cross-bank transfer repayments there are limits on the amount of New Year's time period, credit card spending will be more involved in the bill amount may be relatively large, if the repayment amount exceeds the inter-bank transfer repayment limit, it will lead to Failed

Such as through Ping An Bank Bank also Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card, a single limit is 50,000 yuan (inclusive); through the Postal Savings Bank also Bank of Communications credit card, a single limit is 10,000 yuan; through Merchants Bank also cross CITIC credit card, a single limit is 1 Million, and so on.

2, brush the dual currency credit card, we must pay attention to foreign currency repayment

Dual-currency card with the dollar no problem, is that it will involve a troublesome thing - need to purchase foreign exchange repayments. In this accounting method, it is best not to bind credit card automatic repayment, on the one hand, some banks do not support automatic repayment of foreign currency, even if the support for automatic repayment, the date of monthly purchase of foreign exchange is fixed dead, the day to buy foreign exchange The exchange rate may not be suitable.

3, a one-time credit card temporary limit to be paid off

Easy to mention credit card temporary amount, but the temporary credit limit can not be recycled, after the expiration date can not be used again, you need to apply for an extension of the delay. The temporary credit card needs a one-time repayment, repayment can not be scheduled, nor in accordance with the minimum repayment amount. Therefore, the use of the credit card temporary limit of the cardholder, be sure to prepare adequate repayment of the full amount of temporary credit, or even overdue.

What happens if a credit card is overdue?

1, the first time paid in full

In general, if the amount of arrears is not large, and can repay in time, together with some banks have 3-day lenient repayments, personal credit will not be a problem. If you have passed the tolerance period, in order to avoid more interest costs, but also timely repayment of arrears.

2, check personal credit

Timely check their own personal credit report to confirm whether overdue.

3, continue to use the card

Many people think that after the deadline, the repayments will be made up and then the sales card will not be a problem, but in fact a big mistake. After the expiration date, it is recommended to continue using credit card to cover the record of bad debts.

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