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Do you know the five major considerations for applying for a small loan?

Time: 2018-02-19         Source: Sichuan Business Research         Author: Sichuan to study

In recent years, along with the rapid development of the economy, the microfinance industry has risen rapidly, and various small loan institutions have been established. Among them, there are many companies that do not hold legal licenses to carry out related business. This economic phenomenon is closely related to the pre-emptive consumption consciousness and the increasing consumer demand that the current social consumers are gradually forming.

So how can I apply for a microloan? Through lending channels such as offline microfinance companies and online lending platforms, we can all borrow from different borrowing needs. As market competition intensifies and industry chaos occurs frequently, consumers should keep their eyes open when choosing a microfinance institution to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Today, Xiaobian has arranged some precautions for handling small loans, and also allows everyone to better understand microfinance.


First, the fee will be charged before the loan is released.

In the Internet age, online unsecured loan advertisements can be seen everywhere. However, when applying for a small loan, it is unreliable to ask for a part of the fee before the loan. In this case, you must be cautious to avoid being deceived.

Second, no need to review, direct lending

Usually, microfinance needs to provide ID card, bank flow, personal address certificate, personal work certificate, personal credit report and other information to submit an application. The materials are simple and the procedures are convenient. For those who need urgent capital turnover, they can alleviate their urgent needs.

Some criminals use false advertisements to attract borrowers who are in urgent need of money, without any information, and directly lend without review, and such institutions need to be rigorous.

3. Business license and legal license of small loan institutions

When some consumers apply for a small loan, it is easy to overlook the question of checking whether the small loan institution is qualified due to urgent demand. Some private or institutional companies provide loan sharks in the name of small loan companies. In fact, there are illegal institutions with no business licenses and small loan licenses that are not regulated by relevant departments.

So how do you determine if a small loan institution has legal qualifications? You can check it from the official website of the local administration for industry and commerce, or you can go directly to the office address of the small loan company.

Fourth, the cost is high

The national law stipulates that the interest rate agreed by both parties should exceed 36% per annum, which is a usury product. Therefore, consumers should choose the right loan when handling small loans, so as not to fall into the marketing trap of illegal institutions.

Five, the letter does not require

Compared with banks, small loan companies have relatively low requirements for credit reporting, but they are not completely unrequested.

Generally speaking, as long as the customer does not exceed 6 times within 2 years and there is no overdue for 3 consecutive months, the credit is qualified. That is to say, small loan companies that can also lend money to those who fail to pass the credit must be problematic.

to sum up:

1. Don't blindly lend, as the saying goes: I can't eat hot tofu;

2. Before the loan, you need to know the background of the loan platform, interest rate, handling fee and other information;

3. Never pay the money before lending;

4. In the era of credit, if you apply for a loan under the conditions that can be afforded, you will not be able to carry a lifetime of stains.

PS: Dealing with small loans and paying back on time can help you build good credit!

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