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Apply for five notes on small loans, do you know?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Sichuan Business Research         Author: Sichuan to study

In recent years, along with the rapid economic development, the micro-loan industry has rapidly risen and various small-loan institutions have been established one after another. Many of these companies do not carry out legitimate business operations. This economic phenomenon is closely related to the progressive consumer awareness and the ever-growing consumer demand that are currently emerging among social consumers.

So how can we apply for a microloan? We can borrow at different lending requirements through offline lending companies, online lending platforms and other credit lines. As market competition intensifies, there is frequent chaos in the industry. Consumers should keep their eyes open when choosing microfinance institutions so as to avoid unnecessary distress.

Today, Xiaobian give you some tips for handling micro-loans, but also let everyone know better about micro-loans.


First, no charge before the charge

In the Internet era, online unsecured loan advertisements are everywhere. However, when applying for a microloan, it is not reliable to claim part of the expenses before lending. In such cases, care must be taken to avoid being deceived.

Second, without approval, direct lending

Under normal circumstances, small loans need to provide ID card, bank flow, proof of personal address, proof of personal work, personal credit reporting and other information you can submit an application. Material is simple, convenient procedures, for the urgent need for financial turnover of friends, you can alleviate the urgent needs.

Some unscrupulous elements use false advertisements to attract borrowers in desperate need of money without the need of any information, and make direct lending without reviewing them. Such agencies are also required to be rigorous.

Third, small lending institutions business license and legal license

Some consumers apply for micro-loans, because of the urgency of demand is often easy to overlook the problem of checking the eligibility of small-scale loans. Some private individuals or institutions that use loans to borrow and loan in the name of small loan companies are, in fact, illegal business organizations without licenses and microloan licenses that are not subject to the supervision of relevant departments.

So how to determine whether the small loan agencies have legal qualifications? You can check from the official website of the local Administration for Industry and Commerce, or you can go directly to the office address of a small loan company.

Fourth, the cost is high

National laws require that the interest rates agreed upon by both lenders and borrowers exceed 36% of annual interest rate to be usury products. Therefore, consumers should make the right choices when handling micro-loans to avoid falling into the marketing trap of illegal agencies.

Five, no credit requirements

Compared with banks, small loans to credit requirements are relatively low, but not without any request.

In general, as long as no more than 6 customers within 2 years overdue, did not appear overdue for 3 consecutive months, then the credit is qualified. In other words, small loan companies that can lend money to people who fail credit checks are certainly problematic.

to sum up:

1. Do not blindly loan, as the saying goes: Urgently eat hot tofu;

2. Before the loan need to understand the loan platform background, interest rates, fees and other information;

3. Do not pay before lending money;

4. In the credit age, applying for a loan under affordable conditions will not only take a lifetime of stains but also borrow it.

PS: for small loans and repayments on time and also help themselves to establish a good credit too!

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