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How do you know if you need to pay attention to five major loans?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Sichuan Business Research         Author: Sichuan to study

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the microfinance industry has rapidly emerged and various small loan institutions have been established. Many of these companies have not held legitimate licenses to carry out related businesses. This economic phenomenon is closely related to the progressive consumer awareness and increasing consumer demand that social consumers are now forming.

So how can I apply for a micro-loan? Through loan channels such as offline microfinance companies and online online loan platforms, we can all borrow and lend according to our own different borrowing requirements. With the intensification of market competition and frequent industry chaos, consumers should keep their eyes open when selecting microfinance institutions so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone some attention on the handling of micro-loans, and also made everyone better understand micro-loans.


First, charge before paying money

In the Internet era, online unsecured loan advertisements can be seen everywhere, but when applying for small loans, it is unreliable to request payment of some of the fees before the loan. This must be done carefully to avoid being deceived.

Second, no audit, direct loans

Under normal circumstances, micro-credit loans can be submitted by submitting information such as identity cards, bank deposits, personal address certificates, personal work certificates, and personal credit report. The materials are simple and the procedures are convenient. For those who are in urgent need of capital turnover, they can alleviate the urgent need.

Some lawbreakers use false advertising to attract borrowers who are in urgent need of money. They don't need any information and don't check it out. They also need to be rigorous about such institutions.

III. Business licenses and legal licenses of small-credit institutions

Some consumers, when applying for small loans, often find it difficult to ignore the issue of checking the qualifications of small-sum lending institutions because of urgent needs. Some private companies or institutions use high-interest loans in the name of small loan companies. In fact, they are illegal organizations that do not have business licenses and small loan licenses are not regulated by relevant departments.

How do you determine if a small loan institution has legal qualifications? You can check the official website of the local Administration for Industry and Commerce, or go directly to the office address of the small loan company.

Fourth, the cost is high

The national law stipulates that the interest rate agreed between the borrower and the borrower is more than 36% of the annual interest rate, which is the product of loan sharks. Therefore, consumers should make correct choices when handling small loans so as not to fall into the marketing traps of illegal organizations.

V. There is no requirement for credit information

Compared with banks, the requirements for credit information of small loan companies are relatively low, but they are not completely unnecessary.

Generally speaking, as long as the customer does not exceed 6 times overdue within 2 years and there is no overdue for 3 consecutive months, the credit is qualified. In other words, it is certainly a problem for small loan companies that can also lend to unqualified people.

to sum up:

1. Do not blindly borrow money. As the saying goes: You can't eat hot tofu;

2. Before the loan, it is necessary to understand the background of the loan platform, interest rates, fees and other information;

3. Never pay any money before lending money;

4. In the era of credit, applying for loans under conditions that can be sustained, it will not be tainted with life.

PS: Applying for a small loan and repaying it on time can help establish a good credit!

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