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What are the conditions for a formal personal small unsecured loan?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Huishang Institute         Author: The Department of Business

Recently, Xiaobian received a telephone consultation from a client. The question is: "What are the conditions for unsecured loans to meet the formal personal small unsecured loans?" Because they need to borrow recently, but they are not small mortgage loans. I understand that I hope I can get some clear answers.

Seeing this problem actually reflects the development of Internet finance and the popularity of security awareness, so that more customers who need funds have a sense of self-control. Solve financial problems that you don't understand through the Internet and ask professionals.

Back to the topic, Xiaobian first took everyone to see the concept of personal unsecured loans.

What is an unsecured personal loan? It is a business-type loan with individuals or families as its core. Its main service targets are the majority of industrial and commercial self-employed individuals, small workshops and small business owners. The amount of the loan is generally less than 100,000 yuan, more than 1,000 yuan.

Unsecured loans are also called unsecured loans or credit loans.

No collateral is required, only the proof of identity, proof of income, proof of address, etc. (the specific proof depends on the bank). The bank applies for the loan to the bank. The bank grants the loan based on the personal credit situation. The interest rate is generally slightly higher. In the case of a mortgage loan, the client can choose the loan period according to the individual's specific circumstances, and then sign a contract with the bank, which is guaranteed.

After reading the concept of unsecured loans, have you already had a preliminary understanding of this? The following small series will give a blow to the "regular" in the formal personal small unsecured loans:

1. No fees will be charged before lending. Formal unsecured loans will not be charged any fees before lending, even if the fees are charged, they will be collected after the loan is made. The institutions that charge any fees on the Internet or in the life before the loan are classified as informal.

2. Sign the loan contract in person. At present, there are many unsecured lending institutions on the Internet. Note that when signing a contract, the borrower and the lender must sign in person and do not sign by fax. This is less secure.

3. The interest rate of unsecured loans is higher. Regular unsecured lending rates tend to be higher because unfunded loans are more risky, lenders raise interest rates to lower lending risk, and all unsecured lending products with lower interest rates need to be cautious.

Xiao Bian still suggests that when applying for a personal unsecured loan, you must identify a good organization. Choosing a formal organization to handle related business can reduce many unnecessary troubles.

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