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How many ways can you save millions to a salary earner?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Ka Niu User @清雨         Author: Niu card user @ clear rain

Many fans have told me that there are so many financial articles, but there are not a few real ones. The key is that I also manage the wealth according to the article. Why is it so poor?

I have never believed in the article of people who can earn tens of thousands or even millions of dollars by paying thousands of dollars a month. The way to make money in life still needs to work hard, need financial skills, ideas, or need the principal. .


I have already reached middle age. In addition to taking various documents and trying to improve myself, I have started my own logistics company, buying land, part-time drip taxis, etc. These are the benefits of real investment, and the start of these benefits. Must be rich to manage money!

Some people will say that they should save money first. Then, how many months will they save a few thousand dollars in salary? If the savings are enough for a million, perhaps the money has already depreciated with inflation. Including the so-called rich people, it is precisely because of their connections and high starting point for funds that they can manage their wealth in the future.

Then, as an ordinary wage earner, a few thousand dollars per month, in addition to hard work and salary increase, how can wage earners who have no money earn more income? Just two words "borrow money" to manage money!

The "borrowing money" that I am talking about is not to borrow money from friends to manage money, but to use the money of the bank to make money, that is, to use debt management.

First, mortgage house loan financing

For example, if your parents have a house, you can mortgage a house loan. If you can borrow 400,000, the bank loan interest rate is generally about 6-8%. According to the calculation of 7%, it is necessary to pay the bank 400,000 * 7% = 28,000 / year, if the loan of 400,000 yuan invested in P2P, according to 400,000 * 10% = 40,000 / year. Earn wealth management income of 40,000 - bank interest of 28,000, you still have 12,000 remaining. This is the idea of ​​making money from the bank's money.

Of course, the above is just an example. If you have other better investment channels, this income is not limited. For example, the landlord I am a mortgage home loan of 600,000, the bank has an acquaintance, the loan interest rate is 6.5% / year, and the interest is a total of 39,000 a year. After getting the money, I used 400,000 shares in a friend's company, and 200,000 invested in a friend's private loan. The income is imaginable, and the dividend is between 50,000 and 100,000. Private lending is based on 2 points/month of interest, and 200,000 interest is 48,000 yuan/year.

Second, use credit card to manage money

I also often hear a lot of friends talking about the various kinds of credit card management. I want to say that any tool has its own shortcomings. You can only win by knowing yourself and others. Otherwise, you will not go to practical experience. A lot of theory can only stay in place! Therefore, credit card financing, you must understand its characteristics, make full use of this feature to let credit cards serve themselves.

The trick is as follows: The biggest advantage of a credit card is the interest-free period. Many people like credit cards, which are consumed during the interest-free period. But if your credit card is still limited to consumption, then you can only say that you are out!

1. First, let the credit card reach the longest interest-free period. I have already shared this method before. At present, my biggest extension of interest-free period is 100 days. The longer the interest-free period, the higher the financial income.

2. Find ways to invest in wealth management. When the bank's interest rate was not adjusted, many people used pos machine tx, invested in network management, invested in private lending, etc. In short, they must have their own financial channels. If you don't even have a channel, don't use your credit card to manage your money.

The landlord is using a few credit cards to use the friend circle store tx, credit card machine tx, and then invest in business circle friends emergency funds. There is also a "bridge" approach. The friend who lends the money from tx to the credit card machine knows that there are a lot of people who swipe the card for these companies, so they need a lot of money, and I just lend the money to them, a credit of 2.5 cents a month, credit card. The premise of the repayment period comes out, and the investment is made again after repayment.

Third, business license loan financing

do you know? The state is very supportive of all private enterprises, so the business license can also be loaned, and there is also an interest-free support policy, depending on the policies of each place.

According to our regulations here, the business license loan is exempt from interest for two years. One of my friends used a total of 300,000 business license loans from relatives and friends. This 300,000 investment to buy a car, how much money to make in two years, everyone should know, the key is interest-free loans, such a good thing to find go with!

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